Bharath movies are films that star Indian actor, Bharath Nivas. He has mainly acted in Tamil language films. Bharath started his career as a trained dancer at the age of 11. He then launched his film career by starring in several musicals. Bharath movies have been critically acclaimed as well as box office hits.

  1. "Kaadhal." This is an important Bharath movie because this is where he had his first solo appearance. His role in this film as a sweet and naive lover was critically acclaimed. It's a very sad drama about young love and the obstacles it faces.

  2. "4 the People." This is a vigilante form of Bharath movies. It follows four young men that are fed up with all the corruption in the world. They begin the process of literally taking out the corrupt politicians. It is their way of starting a revolution. This is the first film of three in this series.

  3. "Pattiyal." This is another of the Bharath movies where he plays a lover. Bharath also seems to be a rather dark character in this film. However, you find out that he does have a heart underneath it all. This film is ultimately about friendship,and how these young people deal with it in the middle of a dark, gangster lifestyle.

  4. "Veyyil." Bharath stars as the successful younger brother to a lost, broken older brother who ran away from home as a child. He returns twenty years later to see that most things haven't changed. His little brother is still favored, but the returning son also feels guilt for having abandoned his little brother so many years ago.

  5. "Kanden Kadhalai." This movie is a romantic comedy starring Bharath. in this Bharath movie, his character is completely disillusioned with life and taking to the road. When he meets up with an exasperating young woman and they eventually become good friends. In the process, Bharath's character begins to see life in a completely different way. They go their separate ways, and he returns home a new man.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              --Karen Alexander