Hollywood seems to believe that it has a monopoly over the comedy genre. However laughter is a universal language and Bollywood movies are filled with slapstick humor that people all over the globe will be able to find funny. But which are the most amusing moments from classic Hindi movies? Here are the 5 best comedy scenes from Hindi movies?

"Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi"

Released in 1958 this black and white classic revolves around the antics of three brothers Anoop, Kishore and Ashok Kumar. One of the films most famous scenes see Ashock look to explain why he has a picture of a girl underneath his bed which has been put their by the eccentric Madhubala. They are the Indian version of the Marx Brothers.

"Half Ticket"

This 1962 classic Bollywood comedy stars Kishore Kumar as the good-for-nothing son of a rich industrialist who transforms into a overgrown boy who looks to get out of his problems with his quick wit. Based on the Hollywood movie, "You're Never Too Young", "Half Ticket" is a wonderful version of an American classic.

"Bhoot Bangla"

Mehmood stars and directs this popular 1965 comedy, with the title translating to mean haunted house, or literally, a ghost house. Mehmood mixes a delightful yet strange blend of horror and comedy which manages to both raise laughs and scare you senseless.


That man Kishore Kumar is once again on his finest form in this 1968 comedy although it is widely regarded that it is Sunil Dutt who provides the best performance in this comical masterpiece. Especially when he attempts to sing which ends disastrously.


This 1975 action-adventure film is one of the greatest ever Indian films and it's also incredibly funny too. The lead actor Dharmendra at one point gets incredibly drunk after his marriage proposal is rejected and it leads him to attempt suicide. It doesn't sound too funny his drunken antics definitely raise a smile.