10 Hot Hindi Movie Scenes

Wednesday, March 2 by Lauren Reinhard

Where will you find the top 10 hot Hindi movies scenes? Bollywood, of course! Bollywood spits out movies at a rate that rivals Hollywood. In all those movies there are murder mysteries, comedies, dance based films, human-interest stories and of course everyone’s favorite: love stories. In those stories we find the hottest women cozying up to striking men and forming our list of the top hot Hindi movie scenes.

  1. "Love Sex and Dhoka" Directed by Dibakar Banerjee and produced by Alt Entertainment, "Love Sex and Dhoka" was a film satire on news media feeding social voyeurism. Critically acclaimed there are many things to discuss in this film, the one thing however, that puts it on our list of the hot Hindi movie scenes is it’s seven minute bare back sex scene.
  2. "Stonemen Murders" This topless movie scene from the Bollywood murder mystery film, the "Stonemen Murders" makes our list of the hottest hindi movie scenes. A controversial scene with a lovely Bollywood star exiting the shower all wet and sticky plants it firmly at the top of the list.
  3. "Iaila" Payal Rohatgi’s sexy movie scene in the Bollywood film, "Iaila" makes the list of one of the hottest Hindi movie scenes. It features a Bollywood beauty in a red hot dress, what’s hotter than that?
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