Here is a list of 10 Hindi movie hot scenes. The Indian film industry has garnered a reputation for churning out movies steeped in breathtaking song and dance numbers. Hindi films are also known for being very old-fashioned and wholesome in their storylines and presentation. However, it cannot be denied that India is a land of sensuality, and this is something that has been explored even within the confines of a wholesome movie. Here is a list of ten movies with scenes that will attest to this undeniable truth.

  1. "Murder" The entire premise of this film surrounds the beautiful Mallika Sherawat having an affair, and a love scene between her and her lover is presented as evidence to that fact. Love scene. Mallika Sherawat. Need we say more?

  2. "Zeher" Though the film is basically a rip off of the Denzel Washington flick "Out of Time," there is a rather sensuous scene featuring actress Udita Goswami. A scene of her just quietly reading a book, yet alone what she partakes in during a scene in this movie, is qualifying enough to be included on this list.

  3. "Jism" Before we go any further, it must be made clear that the title of this film is a Hindi word. It is merely a coincidence that it happens to be on this list. It is not meant as some kind of double entendre. That being said, there is a scene in this film that made it onto the list of the Top 100 Sexiest Movie Scenes poll conducted by United Kingdom's Channel 4.

  4. "Aashiq Banaya Apne" This film may present a very wholesome exterior. Indeed, the opening scenes play out innocently enough, but things get steamy pretty fast as a young woman in college finds herself the target of competing affections coming at her from two friends. This is a basic love triangle story, but the filmmakers see the need to include a surprising sex scene in the proceedings. 

  5. "Raja Hindustani" This is an older Hindi film from the mid-1990's. Back then, Bollywood was still quite innocent in its depiction of physical interaction between movie leads, so this film was really pushing some boundaries in a few scenes between stars Karishma Kapoor and Aamir Khan.

  6. "Shabd" Well, it was bound to be that a film featuring Aishwarya Rai would be included on this list, and here it is. Rai is becoming an international icon that transcends beyond India. Half of this must be attributed to her stunning beauty, and there is indeed a scene in this film that may cause some people's threshold for sensual pleasure to overload.

  7. "Sheesha" Neha Dhupia is slowly garnering the reputation of a sex icon in films. Don't be fooled. She is first and foremost an actress, but one of powerful sexuality, and she absolutely stuns in dual roles for this film, one of which has femme fatale written all over it. There is very little nudity, but again, don't be fooled, there is a scene in this picture that seethes with sexual tension.

  8. "Parineeta" The young actress Vidya Balan's star is quickly rising. Her appeal is so strong that she has been compared to retired Bollywood screen beauty, Madhuri Dixit. Indeed, in this film, Ms. Balan showcases her beauty and sensual allure with a scene involving the striking leading man, Saif Ali Khan.

  9. "Fashion" Okay, this movie is about the dark side of the world of fashion, specifically, the world of fashion models. This film cements a position on this list not for a sex scene, but for various scenes featuring scantily dressed actresses, each in their own degrees of hotness.

  10. "The Namasake" This is not entirely an ordinary Hindi film. It is an American produced film, but it is about Indian characters and their struggles adjusting to life in America. It stars Tabu in a role that showcases not only a strong physical allure, but an intellectual one as well. She gathers our attraction by immersing us in her lonely life as an Indian housewife with an amazing performance. Then, there is that one scene when her and her husband conceive a child. And her name again, we will repeat, is Tabu.