It's not too hard to find 10 classic Indian movies. Bollywood, a film industry based in Mumbai, India, is the greatest center for classic Indian movies in the world. The Hindi film market, as a result, is largely contemporaneous with Bollywood culture (although it does not refer to the Indian movie industry as a whole). If you are interested in classic Indian movies, check out these nice exhibitions from South Asia's finest (our favorite 10 classic Indian movies):

  1. "Pyassa". Famed director Guru Dott stars as Vijay, a broke poet who falls in love with a woman who marries herself off to a rich publisher. "Pyassa" was one of the crowning achievements of the Golden Age of Bollywood, an era in which great, classic Indian movies were vast in number.

  2. "Sholay". Starting off with a poor box office reception, "Sholay" turned out to be more than a mere Bollywood blunder. The movie gives action a new voice in the musical-dominated classic Indian movies of the day.

  3. "Andaaz". "Andaaz" displays the popular Love Triangle theme that many of our 10 classic Indian movies like to play on. Social conservatism (not speaking out one's feelings) leads to tragedy in this amazing Hindi film.

  4. "Teesri Manzil". Although not free from the musicality of Indian cinema, the vibrant energy in the film more than compensates for its generics. "Teesri Manzil" was a commercial success and a triumph for romantic comedies in the Indian film industry.

  5. "Lagaan". If you can sit through all 224 minutes of it, "Lagaan" is more than a great insight into Indian cultural history. The era is contemporary with the British Raj, and local Indians are being taxed heavily without mercy. A local bachelor dares to stand up to the British commander and challenge him to a foreign game of which the Indian has no idea what it is.

  6. "Ghajini". A huge blockbuster complete with a certain Aamir Khan boasting six packs and a chest of steel. Who said that even the classic Indian movies can't be unashamedly filled with action?

  7. "Mughal-E-Azam". With film production lasting about a decade, "Mughal-E-Azam" was one of the most lavish films in Bollywood history. Among all the classic Indian films out there, this one is the most expensive when adjusted for inflation.

  8. "Bhakta Prahlada". The third film (second remake) of "Bhakta Prahlada" turned out to be one of the best classic Indian movies out there. It is a Telugu film, and won the National Film Award for Best Child Artist in 1967.

  9. "Enthiran". A new addition to classic Indian movies, this Tamil film is about a professor that is also an android cyborg. To this day, it is the highest grossing Tamil film of all time.

  10. "Dweepa". Translated to English, "Dweepa" is a highly recognized and awarded classic Indian film. It was made in the Kannada film industry center in Bangalore.

The cinema of India is highly varied, and often divided based on linguistic and cultural groups. Whether it be Bollywood, Sandalwood, Bengali cinema, or the Gujurati film industry, the top 10 classic Indian movies can be found across the barriers that often segregate segments of India's population.