The 10 best Tamil movies with subtitles are usually family movies with the storyline built around the relationships within family or community. Tamil is a Dravidian language spoken by the Tamil people of India, where it is declared a classical language. It is also a language of Sri Lanka and Singapore. Tamil film industry is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and is called Kollywood. Tamil productions are known to be India’s second largest productions after Bollywood.

  1. “Kattradhu Thamizh “is the story of a young man who specialized in Tamil for his post-graduate work. Out in the real world, he is faced with the problems of finding a job, facing social inequality and prejudice.

  2. “Mr. and Mrs. Iyer" focuses on the life of Meenakshi Iyer, a woman from an orthodox Hindu family, who travels with her young child to Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to meet her husband. She travels with a friend Rajah, who is a Muslim. They have to travel through the dangerous areas where Hindu fanatics persecute Muslims and Mrs. Iyer is forced to introduce her friend as her husband Mr. Iyer.

  3. “Abhiyum Naanum” is the story of a father who recounts his daughter’s growing pains and the difficulty with accepting her marriage.

  4. “Kanden Kadhalai” is the story of two strangers, who meet on a train. Their journey together changed their lives.

  5. “Minnale” focuses on a young girl who has to choose between her obsessive jealous lover and a well-mannered man who loves her.

  6. “Navarasa” is the film about a young girl, Swetha, who accidentally discovers that her uncle dresses up as a woman. When she confronts him, her uncle confesses that he wants to escape to the city of Koovagam and live as a woman. When he disappears, Swetha follows him to Koovagam without telling her parents. 

  7. “Raavanan” is the story of a police detective who is looking for the known bandit Veeraiya. Veeraiya abducts the detective’s wife. The detective with an army of policemen chases after him. He tries to save his wife but there is a real reason why she was abducted.

  8. “Poi” is the first surrealist film in Tamil. It tells a story of a young love. The lovers play a game of “Snakes and Ladders” which determines  their relationship.

  9. “Bheema” is about Tamil's underworld. It tells the story of Shekar who joins the local gang to be close to his idol Chinna. Shekar wants to be like Chinna and soon finds himself running the whole gang.

  10. “Unnale Unnale” focuses on an idle young man who is forced to choose between his frivolous lover and a serious young woman who is in love with him.