Native Americans have always been a favorite subject of the cinema, and this is especially true for the 10 best old Indian movies that have been produced during the many years of Hollywood's existence. If you are looking for a movie that has a strong presence of Native Americans, then be sure to try any of these fantastic films.

  1. "The Searchers." This film, starring the famous actor John Wayne and directed by the accomplished John Ford, tells the story of a man determined to avenge the death of his family and reclaim his niece.  At times both disturbing and strangely touching, this is one Indian movie that you will not want to miss.

  2. "Fort Apache." This film, also directed by John Ford, is one of the best old Indian movies, due in large part to the phenomenal cast that was gathered to star in it.  When you have such big names as Henry Fonda, John Wayne, and the always adorable Shirley Temple, how can a movie possibly go wrong?

  3. "McLintock!" This dazzling comedy, starring John Wayne and the gorgeous Maurren O'Hara, has a substantial amount of time devoted to the Native American components of the cast, who are not the villains but are actually quite humorous without being mocked. This is definitely an old Indian movie that is bot quirky and enjoyable.

  4. "Taza, Son of Cochise." This film, starring the famous ladykiller Rock Hudson and directed by the always glitzy Douglas Sirk, tells the story of Taza, the son of peace-loving chief Cochicse and his struggles against his brother. If you like Rock Hudson, and if you like glorious, vibrant films from the 1960s, then you are sure to enjoy this film.

  5. "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon." This film, which depicts the often vexed relationship among whites and Native Americans, is notable for both its humane presentation of Native Americans and also for the fact that actual Native Americans were used in the cast. This is one old Indian movie that is both exciting and fun to watch.

  6. "A Man Called Horse." If you like the famous actor Richard Harris, then you are going to enjoy this film, which depicts a man's gradual absorption into the fabric of Native American culture and life. Again, Native Americans are sensitively portrayed, which is certainly something to consider when picking an old Indian movie.

  7. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Although some might not think of this as an old Indian movie, it actually centers around the struggle of a Native American with the ever-present shade of insanity and the malicious intentions of the villainous Nurse Ratched. This film, at times both touching and disturbing, is one of the best old Indian movies that you will ever watch.

  8. "Cheyenne Autumn" This magnificent old Indian movie from the 1960's features a splendid cast of some of the finest of Hollywood's classic actors, including James Stewart, Richard Widmark, and Edward G. Robinson. With its moving tale of misunderstandings between Native Americans and war-hungry white Americans, this is one old Indian movie that is worth watching.

  9. "Broken Arrow." This film, which also stars the immensely talented James Stewart, tells a dramatized story of the famous chief Cochise. With its blend of very superb and nuanced acting, and its humane portrayal of Native Americans, this old Indian movie is sure to delight anyone who loves the western genre.

  10. "Man in the Wilderness." If you like the late, great actor Richard Harris, then you are certainly going to enjoy this film, in which a man, ravaged by a bear attack, struggles to survived in the vicious wilderness. The Native Americans in this film form a substantial story arc, including a bizarre scene of a birth in the woods, lending this film an aura of authenticity not seen in many similar old Indian movies.