Contract killers and assassins have been a subject of popular films from all over the world, even within the confines of India's popular musicals, as evidenced in this list of the 10 best killer Hindi movies. Not too many musicals can boast to being a heart pounding thriller as well, but in India where every film has to have its fair share of musical dance numbers, there are numerous exceptions to the genre stereotype. Here is a list of the best killer Hindi movies

  1. "Rakht Charitra." Translated from Hindi as a "History of Blood," this two part biographical film concerns the assassination of Indian politician Partiala Ravinda and the plot against him by his rivals in Andhra Pradesh.

  2. "Ghulam-E-Mustafa." This is a rough flick about a gangster/hit-man who is assigned to drive a family from their home by moving in with them and basically terrorizing them. If they don't leave, well, he is a hit man. Do the math.

  3. "Hey Ram." This is a controversial Hindi film as it surrounds the assassination of the legendary Mahatma Gandhi

  4. "The Killer." This movie is a Hindi remake of the Michael Mann hit, "Collateral." It concerns a hit man who has commandeered an innocent taxi driver and his taxi to chauffeur him around while he goes through his hit list.

  5. "Kartoos." A Hindi thrill machine about a terrorist bomber who sets off a bomb that kills over 150 people. The cop that's put in charge of the case goes on an obsessed hunt to track down and arrest the bad guy.

  6. "Jaan." A story full of the ingredients that make a great killer story, including kidnapping, false identity, and of course, murder. This did not fare well at the box office, but is definitely a worthy entry to this list.

  7. "Bichhoo." A remake of perhaps the greatest movie about a contract killer, the Luc Besson classic "Leon." This Hindi take alters a few of the details like increasing the age of Natalie Portman's Indian counterpart to accommodate the beautiful Rani Mukerji. It more than succeeds in honoring the French-produced classic.

  8. "Company." A thrilling story about the Indian mafia, this Hindi film explores the organization of gangsters known as "D-Company." The movie has garnered lavish praise for its sophisticated and mature handling of the subject matter. Most contract killer stories tend to veer into the improbable action arena, but "Company" sticks to a realistic portrayal of the material.

  9. "Satte Pe Satta." An excellent film in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock, the narrative follows the devious exploits of an uncle who plots to have his niece killed in order to claim her wealth. Despite the dark subject matter, there are some surprisingly upbeat Hindi songs on the soundtrack.

  10. "Supari." Another Hindi film modeled after Hitchcock, the story follows the trajectory of a man who has accumulated some serious gambling debts. In order to repay those debts, he goes to work as a hit man for a ruthless crime lord.