The 10 best Indian movies with subtitles allow non-Hindi speakers to watch some of the country’s greatest films. These films are some of the best movies about Indian culture and society, and by having subtitles they are available to more of the world’s movie-watchers. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

  1. Dhobi Ghat.” This recent film follows multiple residents of Mumbi as they face the challenges of daily life in the city. The film’s subtitles allow non-Indians to realize what it takes to live in the thriving, but sometimes deadly Indian city. 

  2. Kaadhal.” A romance movie, this Indian subtitled film follows a young Indian woman and the man she loves as they elope to avoid her arranged marriage to an American man. The problems they encounter as a result of their decision might just destroy their love, and their marriage. The subtitled “Kaadhal” is a great Indian film that is not to be missed.

  3. Kaminey: The Scoundrels.” This Indian movie tells the tale of twin brothers who could not be more different. Although the two have taken different paths in their mutual goal of being successful, they suddenly find their separate worlds colliding. An extremely moving film, “Kaminey” is a great Indian subtitled drama.

  4. Raajneeti.” This subtitled Indian film tells the story of an extremely intelligent man’s sudden encounter with the world of crime. Despite being on the verge of earning his doctoral degree, the main character finds himself lost in a world of deceit and lies, making it uncertain what will become of his planned life.

  5. Wajood.” In this film an out of work and down-on-his luck actor takes his future into his own hands; unfortunately, the action in which he does so is none other than murder, which brings him in direct conflict with the law. The Indian action film’s subtitles allow every viewer to enjoy this great movie.

  6. Johnny Gaddaar.” The story of a crime told by the police detectives who investigated it, “Johnny Gadaar” is India’s “Usual Suspects.” Intriguing and dramatic, the movie is extremely entertaining.

  7. Jootha Hi Sahi.” In this dramatic Indian subtitled movie, a suicidal woman finds hope in the last phone call she makes. Extremely emotional, “Jootha Hi Sahi” is one of the best Indian movies with subtitles.

  8. Aitraaz.” This movie shows how spite can destroy a man’s life. When the main character’s ex-girlfriend walks back into his life and accuses him of rape when he doesn’t respond to her advances, he believes his good life is at an end. What he finds, though, is that his loving wife is more cunning than he know.

  9. Well Done, Abba!” This sweet and funny Indian movie tells the story of what happens when a father takes a month off of work to find his daughter a husband, and ends up gone for three months. The story of his trip is filled with one incredible event after another, making the movie one of the best Indian subtitled movies.

  10. Barsaat.” A story of true romance, this film tells the tale of two lovers who are pushed apart by threats from their families and plots for their murder. Over time, the question changes from whether their love will survive to whether they will survive.