The 10 best Indian movies with English subtitles allow English-speaking watchers to enjoy some of Bollywood’s best films. Whether fun, energetic or dramatic, these films display the talent of the country’s filmmakers. So, go ahead and flip on the DVD player to enjoy some of the great foreign films!

  1. Jawani Diwani: A Youthful Joyride.” To secure his goal of becoming a singer, Mann has tricked a mob boss’s daughter into loving him. When on his bachelor party, however, he falls in love with another woman. When returning home and being discovered for his duplicity, Mann must decide whether to uphold his commitment or follow his heart. 

  2. Barsaat.” In this Indian film with English subtitles two lovers are kept apart by every threat imaginable. But when the female main character’s father threatens the very life of her boyfriend, she must determine what she must do to save him, even if it means walking away. “Barsaat” is a moving romance movie that is one of the best Indian films of all times.

  3. Dil Hai Tumhaara.” The questions of how much parentage and lineage matter when it comes to true love are examined in this film. When Shalu lies his way into a job as a driver, she finds herself unexpectedly participating in humanitarian works with the owner’s son. A poignant film about overcome social restrictions, “Dil Hai Tumhaara” is a great Indian movie with English subtitles.

  4. Khuda Kasam.” When under the employ of a gangster, Ranvir agrees to take the rap for a murder. Instead of heading to prison, however, he assumes the dead man’s identity, leaving his family and children believing he is dead and with no money. Years later, his son works to expose him for the unmoral person he is.

  5. Wajood.” In this dramatic movie an unemployed actor decides to take control over his life. His decision, though, results in his murdering another individual, forever changing the life he dreamed of having.

  6. Vivah.” Their arranged marriage appeared like a great match, until an unfortunate accident occurred that could leave the bride-to-be scarred for life. Afterwards, the bride and groom must determine what their commitment means to them and whether they can proceed. 

  7. Yuva.” When three men from different social classes meet by accident one day, each of their lives changes forever. “Yuva” takes a look at what membership in a specific class means and how leaving or joining a new class means an entirely different life.

  8. Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam.” In this Indian subtitled film, a servant tells the story of his mistress’s life through her eyes. An engaging portrait of what it meant to be a female in the Indian ruling class, the movie is a classic Indian film with English subtitles that should not be missed.

  9. Bardaasht.” When a man questions his brother’s death, he finds that what was supposedly a death due to a drug crime was little more than a cover up. But when he loses the court battle, he decides to take matters into his own hands and force a confession. Dramatic and emotional, “Bardaasht” is a great subtitled Indian movie.

  10. Chalte Chalte.” Despite being from two different classes, Raj and Priya decide to marry. A year into their marriage, however, they must face the harsh realities of what marriage means. Will they stay together despite their problems or decide they made the wrong decision? “Chalte Chalte” is a moving film about love and struggle within marriages.