10 Best Indian Movie Murders

Tuesday, March 1 by Ergopotamo

The 10 best Indian movie murders range from intentional assassinations to the accidental. Sometimes the murderer is clear, but in other films the audience is left guessing until the very end of the movie. Check out these Indian thrillers for some incredible drama and action. 

  1. “CID.” Dev Anand plays a CID (Criminal Investigation Department) detective in this 1956 Indian film. He’s looking for suspects when a newspaper editor is assassinated. The suspense builds when the actual killer is murdered at the prison where he’s housed and now the detective seems to be the culprit!
  2. “Jaaydaad.” The murder in this movie is due to domestic violence. An alcoholic husband rapes his wife in front of his own daughter. Shanti is able to get her child to safety, but Dhanpat eventually murders her, leaving his daughter without a mother. Will Dhanpat ever be convicted?
  3. “Khauff.” When Neha is a witness to a horrible murder, all she wants to do is forget that it happened. Unfortunately, the police find her identification at the murder site and she’s swept up into political drama with an assassin on her tail.
  4. “Bhairav.” At the beginning of this Indian action movie, the audience is introduced to Shankar who’s falsely convicted for homicide. He spends his time in jail plotting his revenge on the men who set him up.
  5. “The Killer." Nikhil is an innocent cab driver who doesn’t know what he’s in for when Vikram hires him. Vikram is out to murder five people and Nikhil will be dragged into his plot.
  6. “My Wife’s Murder.” Ravi’s wife is always nagging him and he’s at his wits’ end, but he never meant to murder her. This Indian drama and thriller will have you biting your nails as you witness how he tries to cover it up while he deals with regret.
  7. “Tarkieb.” When Roshni’s mutilated body is found, no one knows who the suspect could be. It’s Jasraj job to sift through all the people connected to the case and to find the murderer.
  8. “Miss India.” It was a typical beauty contest until one of the contestants was murdered. Yograj is out to find the killer and uses laughter instead of tense interrogations to achieve his goal.
  9. “Jurm.” Sanjana is mysteriously murdered and everyone is blaming her husband, Avinash, but no one knows the motivation for the crime. The plot thickens when you meet Avinash’s lover, Soniya, and as you learn more about what actually happened.
  10. “Raja Aur Rana.” This Indian movie centers on Ranbir, a naïve and gullible police officer. The vicious murder of his son continues to haunt him. Soon he realizes that it’s up to him to find the traitor and murderer who’s still out on the loose and tormenting society.
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