The 10 best family Hindi movies teach adults and children about the dedication and devotion of individuals within the Hindi faith. These films are heartwarming, and are guaranteed to make every viewer want to be a better person and help others.

  1. “Bawarchi”. This 1972 Indian classic tells the tale of a cook who agrees to work for a squabbling, unhappy family. Despite their history of hiring a new cook every few months, he somehow manages to last and, additionally, make the family happy! All that could change, though, when the head of the household wakes up one morning to find the family jewels and the cook missing. “Bawarchi” is a great Hindi family movie.

  2. “Mother India”. In this children’s movie, a town bands together to save a family from the evil grasp of a money lender. A true tale of heroism and devotion, this movie will entertain viewers of all ages.

  3. “Nanhe Jaisalmer”. At age ten, Nanhe is the one that supports his family. His work, though, doesn’t stop his fascination or devotion to his childhood hero, Bobby Deol. The movie culminates with Nanhe having his dreams answered by finally meeting Bobby. A sweet tale showing how dreams can come true, “Nanhe Jaisalmer” is one of the best family Hindi movies.

  4. “Chitchor”. When two devoted parents receive the news that their daughter has found a potential suitor, they jump for joy. They are even happier when he seems honest and respectful. But when faced with the news that he must leave town, they are unsure what to do. The film shows how a family can band together when faced with an unhappy situation, and for that is one of the best Hindi family films.

  5. “Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India”. Set during the time when Britain ruled the country, this movie demonstrates how all of India banded together to protect themselves against the harsh British laws. The plot is that of a cricket match between Indian and Britain, with the Indian player knowing nothing of the sport. Can India win the game and set themselves free? “Once Upon a Time in India” is a moving family Hindi film.  

  6. “The Blue Umbrella”. Biniya traded picnickers her necklace for her treasured blue umbrella. She never thought that her treasure would evoke such jealously that someone in her town would steal it. “The Blue Umbrella” follows her on her solitary search for her beloved belonging, and shows how jealousy can easily overtake an individual. It is an excellent Hindi family movie.

  7. “Bumm Bumm Bole”. This recent Hindi movie follows a brother and sister as they struggle to obtain an education they cannot afford and, technically, cannot attend, since the sister has no shoes. The brother decides to enter a contest to win her a pair of shoes, and their relationship shows the true meaning of familial love. “Bumm Bumm Bole” is a Hindi family movie that demonstrating the bonds that tie family together.

  8. “My Friend Ganesha”. In this children’s movie a boy turns to Ganesha to overcome the loneliness caused by his disinterested parents. The two become great friends and solve many problems together. A story of creating the life you want, the film is a great Hindi family movie.

  9. “Zokkoman”. This Disney movie tells the tale of an orphaned boy who overcomes extreme hardships to become the hero Zokkoman. A story of a boy who refuses to become what society wants him to be “Zokkoman” is an uplifting and heartwarming Hindi family movie.

  10. “Aaja Nachle”. In this Hindi musical, a dancer returns home to bury her beloved instructor. What she finds, though, is that everything her instructor worked so hard for is now in ruins. Moreover, her hometown has not forgotten her betrayal of them and her family by her leaving. Can she prove to them that she is worthy of forgiveness and also save what the studio that was her instructor’s lifetime work? This film is a great Hindi family movie.