Bollywood is quickly coming to compete with Hollywood in the family movie genre, as evidenced by these 10 best family Bollywood movies. While many have the characteristic musical and melodramatic qualities for which Bollywood is famous, most would appeal to audiences of all backgrounds and cultures. On the list are love stories, dramas, romantic comedies, and children’s films, but each one provides wholesome family entertainment.

  1. “Kabhi Khusi Kabhie Gham” The love of family is tested as an adopted son goes against family tradition and values to marry the woman he loves. As far as family Bollywood movies go, this touching and heart-warming story has everything that makes good family entertainment.

  2. “Masoom”  What happens when a family learns there is a another child from a previous relationship? The best family Bollywood movies not only have music and melodrama, but a good storyline and strong acting like “Masoom.”

  3. “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge”  If you’re looking for classic family Bollywood movies in the romantic comedy genre, this is one of the best. NRIs living abroad become friends, then more. What happens when she goes back to India to get married to her childhood fiancé?

  4. “Khushi,” 2003. Old family values clash against modern Indian ideology. This is one of the best family Bollywood movies because it is simply heart-warming.

  5. “Kuch Kuck Hota Hai”  A little girl seeks to reunite her widower father with the woman who was his best friend and deeply in love with him. When it comes to the best family Bollywood movies, English-speaking audience will appreciate this “Sleepless in Seattle” style movie.

  6. “Parichay”  If you like movies in the spirit of “Nanny McPhee” and “The Sound of Music,” you will enjoy this classic. Not only is it a good example of the best family Bollywood movies of the past, but is loosely based on “The Sound of Music.”

  7. “Aladin”  It is the classic tale of Aladin, re-imagined. In terms of good family Bollywood movies, this one has tremendous special effects, although critics have provided mixed reviews.

  8. “The Blue Umbrella” Greed is a universal theme, no matter your country of origin. This movie shows how greed can destroy when you take it too far. An excellent choice for a family Bollywood movie night.

  9. “Black”  While primarily a drama for adults, “Black” is still a good family movie. If you were moved and inspired by the Helen Keller story, this movie will tug similar heart strings.

  10. “Rockford”  A young Hindu boy must adapt to life in a Christian boarding school. Good family Bollywood movies don’t just entertain, they spark conversations, as this movie most certainly does well.