Do you want to check out the top indie films that men love? These indie movies are great choices for men because they have tons of action and adventure, plenty of comedy, and attractive women to check out as well. Read on for the list of best indie films for men:

"Swingers" (1996).

Men love this great buddy comedy about a group of actors who hit the LA club scene to help their friend get over his failed relationship. This independent film stars Vince Vaughn in one of his early roles, along with Jon Favreau, Ron Livingston, and Heather Graham. Despite its low budget, "Swingers" won special recognition from the National Board of Review for Excellence in Filmmaking.

"Being John Malkovich" (1999). In this wacky comedy indie film, a puppeteer played by John Cusack finds a portal in his office that leads directly into the brain of John Malkovich. Malkovich stars as himself in the film, and Cameron Diaz stars as Cusack's wife. Men love this movie, which received Oscar nominations for Best Directing and Best Writing, for its offbeat hilarity.

"Shallow Grave" (1994).

This early film by "Trainspotting"'s Danny Boyle is loved by men for its dark humor and extreme violence. "Shallow Grave" is the story of three flatmates looking for a fourth roommate. They find one, he moves in, and is never seen again. When the friends find his dead body loaded with cash, they are plunged into a world of violence and immorality. This British film was lauded worldwide, launching several careers including that of Boyle's and actor Ewan McGregor.

"The Evil Dead" (1981).

This cult classic horror film, directed by Sam Raimi, is a favorite of men for its ultraviolent story and its campy comedy. Bruce Campbell stars as the leader of a group of friends who travel to the woods and unwittingly unleash evil spirits, who they then must battle. This independent film was followed by two sequels, "Evil Dead 2" and "Army of Darkness."

"Slacker" (1991).

Before Richard Linklater directed "Dazed and Confused," he released this tiny independent movie about the 20-something misfits living in Austin, Texas. In addition to writing and directing, Linklater also stars in the movie, which won Independent Spirit Awards for Best Director and Best First Feature.