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You’ll wake up early for that mini French New Wave festival at your local Laemmle and don’t mind seeing Willem Dafoe’s twig and berries (hey, if Lars Von Trier thinks its OK…)—yep, independent movies are your thing. Well, lucky for you the editors at Screen Junkies have it bad for art house films too. Top ten lists of the best indie actors, directors and movies new and old will help keep your “film snob” status at its apex.

10 Great Independent Films
Tuesday, February 1 by Nicki Porter

The movie industry would be nothing without movies like these 10 great independent films. Independent films are unafraid to take cinematic risks and they offer actors a chance to take…

10 Best American Independent Films
Friday, January 28 by Alan Rankin

Hollywood makes some great films, but the 10 best American independent films prove you don’t have to have studio backing to make a classic. Each of these films was produced…

5 Best Independent Films 2010
Friday, January 28 by Sheryl Berger

The 5 Best Independent Films of 2010 are just a few out of the many independent films which are made outside of Hollywood. Whether these films are comedies, dramas or…

10 Best Independent Films 2008
Friday, January 28 by Amanda Ferguson

The 10 best independent films 2008 were highly acclaimed in their artistic endeavors. The year 2008 showed the film industry what filmmaking was really all about – art. From western…

10 Best Black Independent Films
Thursday, January 27 by Ed Mulero

The ten best black independent films were revolutionary in bringing the African-American experience and presence to modern American cinema. For many years, these black independent films showcased the different life…

10 Best Independent Feature Films Ever
Thursday, January 27 by Tom Gordon

The 10 best independent feature films ever include some early efforts by filmmakers who went onto greater heights with larger budgets. But it's always fun to see where they started…

10 Good Independent Films
Wednesday, January 26 by William Gish

If you're looking for an alternative to the run of the mill studio movies, here's 10 good independent films. These movies exist as art before they do as commerce. Movies…

5 Best Evolution Documentaries
Sunday, January 9 by Amin El-Gazzar

Not many filmmakers have attempted to explain evolutionary theories, but these 5 best evolution documentaries are just amazing, proving that film is indeed a marvelous way to be introduced to…

5 Best Ballet Documentaries
Monday, December 6 by Audrey Johnson

The 5 best ballet documentaries display the grace and beauty of the skill, but also the hardship and stress dancers face on a daily basis. Ballet documentaries are not intended…

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