The internet makes it easy to promote online independent films. The number of websites that help promote independent filmmaking efforts gets larger by the year, with more filmmakers foregoing the traditional studios in favor or producing their own films, independent film websites are used to promote these independent films to a worldwide audience. Consumers can take advantage of this by visiting these independent film sites and viewing a variety of films that may never make it to the theater or even on DVD.

  1. Indie Movies Online. The website offers access to a wide range of independent movies in a variety of genres. Indie Movies Online also offers a number of free movies. There is no cost to join, but an account is required.

  2. Indie Flix. Indie Flix is a website that offers access to independent movie previews as well as to other resources in the independent film industry.

  3. Film Annex. Access to a variety of independent web films that will likely never see a theater or DVD release. These films are made by amateurs and professionals the world over. The films are free to watch.

  4. Shorts. A UK based independent film site dedicated to the best independent short films in a variety of genres. These films can be watched at no charge.

  5. IFC. The Independent Film Channel (a cable network) offers free access to many of the independent films available on their cable network, at no charge, along with coverage of the independent film industry.

  6. Indie Film Spot. Access to a variety of independent films in numerous genres, ranging from film shorts to full-length films. Members can rate the films they view.

  7. American Independent Movies. A collection of independent movies made about America by American filmmakers. These films range from shorts to full-length films and fall into a number of cross genres. Watch them online.

  8. Festival of Films. While not free to watch the movies, Festival of Films lets users rent from an extensive library of independent films and watch them online. Most of these films enjoyed DVD release.

  9. Third Reel. A collection of independent films online in various genres and of various length. Free to watch the film. Independent filmmakers can upload films as well, giving them access to a worldwide audience.

  10. The Only Device. Free independent films online, some dating back as far as the early 20th century. Many of these films are exclusive to this site.

-Carl Hose