There are a few Independent short films for men that you can enjoy. These films are serious,dark and often funny, making them more appealing to a male audience.

  1. "Amulett"  "Amulett" is an extremely serious story about a young white male (Steven) who is raised from very young to have racist beliefs and practice brutality. One day the young man is beat up by a group of African-American kids that he previously attacked. When he is saved by another African-American he starts to change his beliefs. The story's climax comes about when the black man that saved him shows up to his home and has to face his ruthless family. This Independent short film is geared towards men because of its unwavering picture of the ugliness of racism.

  2. "Apple" "Apple" is a light hearted movie that will make men laugh as well as warm their hearts a little. The movie "Apple" is about a boy who looses his apple in the neighbors yard. The only problem is that the neighbor is a mean older man and he has a vicious dog. What makes this movie so funny is watching how the mysterious boy come up with more and more ways to get his apple. It is also fun to watch the awkward yet touching relationship the boy and the old man develop.

  3. "Adrift"  "Adrift" is another good independent film for men. Although the short film is about a young couples explosive argument the short film does depict the serious emotions a man might feel in an argument with the one he loves. The short film is only a four minutes long so a man does not have to pay attention to it for very long but it does however get its message across. The film is a great example about how a man and women's true emotions can ruin a marriage.