The independent films of 2010 include some great movies that went on to earn Oscar nominations. Other movies from 2010 were more cult favorites, genre horror films and quirky comedies. All the movies on this list were made out of the Hollywood system and had to fight for their audiences but all are worth the time to seek out.

  1. “Winter’s Bone” This independent film from 2010 is about a teenage girl who finds herself taking care of her mother and siblings when her father disappears. When she learns they will lose their home if her father doesn’t return, she sets out into the dangerous world of meth dealers to find him.

  2. “The Kids Are All Right” Annette Bening won a Golden Globe for her role in this movie as a woman who raises her children with her gay lover. When their daughter turns eighteen, she looks for her sperm donor and throws everyone’s life into a tail spin.

  3. “The Warriors Way” This quirky independent film from 2010 features a mishmash of kung-fu, western films and slapstick comedy. A warrior kills everyone in the rival tribe until he finds a baby, the last remaining living member, and refuses to kill her. This makes him the enemy of his own tribe so he joins a carnival in America where he hides out.

  4. “Survival of the Dead” George Romero made the latest movie in his “Living Dead” franchise in 2009, but it never hit American shores until 2010. The movie follows survivors on an island who believes they can train zombies to retain some former human qualities.

  5. “I Love You Phillip Morris” This independent film from 2010 stars Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey as gay lovers. The movie debuted in 2009 but did not find a distributor in America until late in 2010. The movie remains controversial due to explicit homosexual scenes between the two lead stars.

  6. “Somewhere” Sofia Coppola created her latest meditative film, starring Stephen Dorff as a Hollywood actor who discovers he has a daughter. The movie is a slow, meandering look at the life of a disenfranchised man and the changes that occur when faced with responsibilities that seem foreign to him.

  7. “Never Let Me Go” This is a remarkably smart independent film from 2010 about a world where children are cloned and raised to serve as donor bodies for real humans. The children are raised in a boarding school, never told what their purpose in life is until they reach the age for donations.

  8. “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” A depressed teenager is contemplating suicide and checks himself into a mental hospital to try to get help. Because there is no room in the children’s ward, he is placed with the adults. Zach Galifianakis plays an adult patient who strikes up a friendship with the teen.

  9. “Rabbit Hole” Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart star as a couple whose child dies in a horrible automobile accident. The two deal with the loss in very different ways and Kidman’s character eventually develops a friendship with the boy who was driving the car that killed their child.

  10. “Get Low” Robert Duvall stars in this quirky independent film from 2010 about an old man who lives in the woods that the community has developed tall tales about. He decides to plan his own funeral, which he wants to occur while he is still alive so he can hear what everyone says about him.