Ever wish you could filter out all of the melodramatic, romantically infused, overly empathetic, and painfully boring indie movies to find some of the best indie films for men? Well check out these flicks to boost testosterone levels and wash the muck from your eyes from the last romantic comedy you had to watch with your girlfriend. These are five of the best indie films to remind you of how much fun it is to see a movie without the fairer sex at your side.

  1. "The Collector" Receiving less than ten million at the box office, this movie received little attention when it was released and even less when it came to video. An acquired taste, you are guaranteed to love this indie film for men if you are a fan of "Saw." Penned by the same writers, this is a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and remind you why you loved the first "Saw", and why you bought that firearm.

  2. "El Mariachi" is the indie film all men should see. Shot on a seven thousand dollar budget this movie served to catapult Robert Rodriguez into the spotlight and inspired the more popular sequel, "Desperado." Mistaken identity and circumstance force a man from his humble pursuit as a mariachi, a Spanish guitar player, into a vigilante standing against a Mexican drug cartel. This movie may grant the solution to the growing tension in Mexico, the power of music.    

  3. "Mad Max" is a classic. Before Mel Gibson was known for his rants and domestic troubles he was our post-apocalyptic champion. A law man standing against ravenous gangs, this low budget action provides a dark glimpse into the future and reminds us why Gibson became a household name as an action star. With the inspiring sequels, "Road Warrior" and "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome", this George Miller indie film may have you marking December 21, 2012 on your calendar.

  4. "The Descent"  One of the best indie horror films for men, this movie will make you think twice about seeking adventure; if you look hard enough it may just find you. Building tension from the opening frame this thriller delivers where indie flicks like "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity" fell short. Don't let the all female cast fool you; this is one of the most exciting and brutal movies on this list and will remind you just why you were afraid of the dark.

  5. "The Crow" This is one of the best indie films for men who remember the late Bruce Lee. It put the Lee name back on the tip of all of our tongues and brought the gothic industrial scene into the forefront of popular culture. Starring Brandon Lee (son of the late great Bruce Lee), "The Crow" is a supernatural action film that provides Lee nostalgia and may be the one movie on this list you can see with your significant other. Maybe.....