The best indie films of 2009 are often overlooked, but are nonetheless still great movies. While most moviegoers overlook these films, they sometimes go on to win awards an garner attention, but they definitely should not be missed.

  1. “Moon” Probably the most underrated movie of the year, “Moon” is also one of the best indie films of 2009. Starring a magnificent Sam Rockwell and directed by David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, this film tells that tale of a technician stranded on a lunar base by himself. As he counts down the days to his trip back home, he comes across an unexpected visitor—himself.

  2. “500 Days of Summer” Directed by Marc Webb and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the lovely Zooey Deschanel, this 2009 indie film turns the romantic comedy genre on its head. Taking place non-linearly over the 500 day relationship of a boy and girl, the movie cuts between the happy couple and their miserable latter day counterparts, offering a great overview of the promise and demise of a budding romance.

  3. “Trick ‘r’ Treat” Even though this gem went straight to DVD, it is still one of the better indie films to come out in 2009. An anthology film that tells several intertwined tales over the course of a single Halloween night, this film is a great alternative to the torture-porn craze that has encapsulated the horror genre. This film is not to be missed by the true horror fanatic.

  4. “A Single Man” Earning Colin Firth an Oscar nomination, this film also marked the directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford. This 2009 indie film tells the story of an English professor who meticulous plans for his suicide after the death of his partner. As he reminisces about his life and relationships, the audience is offered an intimate and affecting portrait of a man in despair.

  5. “Precious” This 2009 indie film earned its star, Gabourey Sidibe, an Oscar as well as taking home the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. Precious is an overweight and abused teen mom who struggles to overcome her illiteracy by enrolling in an alternative education class. Through the persistent efforts of her dedicate teacher, Precious is liberated from her tyrant of a mother, but still faces a life of uncertainty for her two kids.