Scouring the internet to find the best independent film producers? Film producers are a vital part of the independent movie making process. They assume most of the risk and are responsible for ensuring the finished product is a success. These producers have taken part in some of the most beloved independent films of all time. 

  1. Kevin Smith "Clerks" was produced on a shoe string budget. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier produced the comedy "Clerks." Smith used his entire savings to produce this movie. This movie ended up becoming a cult classic and shooting Kevin Smith to fame and other projects.

  2. Byron Kennedy While his name may not immediately scream out, his work remains a classic. This producer solidified his standing in movie history with the production of the “Mad Max” series starring Mel Gibson.  This Australian film was created with a $400,000 budget, yet the effects of this movie still carry on.

  3. Robert Rodriguez Determined to fulfill his dreams, he wrote produced and basically created the movie "El Mariachi" by himself. It is reported that the entire film cost $7,000 to create. This movie featured plenty of action and shot Robert Rodriguez to popularity.

  4. Lawrence Bender Lawrence Bender was already on the scene having served as a producer in such films as the” Intruder” prior to 1992. Yet it was the production of the independent film "Reservoir Dogs" that made him famous. He went on to produce several box office hits including “Pulp Fiction,” “Kill Bill” and “Inglourious Basterds.”

  5. Louis Peraino The producer of the erotic comedy “Deep Throat” earned a great deal of acclaim and popularity. The film was the first hardcore porn movie to have a mainstream showing. While the profit made from this movie is highly debated, there is no doubt that this cult independent film will go down in history.