The best Independent Film Channel movies include movies are shocking and stunning. The movies are made with only a little money; however, the movies make big impressions.

  1. "Tigerland"- This serious military film stars Colin Farrell as an army recruit who pushes very hard to be discharged from the military so that he will not have to fight in the Vietnam war. The movie is extremely thought provoking and interesting.

  2. "Phonebooth"- This movie also stars Colin Farrell. The actor plays a sleazy publicist who continues to make empty promises to people and drag them along. The publicist  then gets trapped in a phone booth by a sniper and is forced to tell many truths or he will be executed. This movie is suspenseful and is often a scary movie.

  3. "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou-" This independent film is extremely funny and different. The movie is a comedy about an oceanographer who goes on the hunt for the shark that killed his partner. The movie is really funny and equally entertaining.

  4. "My Life as a Dog"- This movie is another funny comedy set in the year 1959 and in the country of Sweden. The movie follows the travels of a boy who turns into a dog and beings to see life in a new way.

  5. "Cabin Fever-" "Cabin Fever" is an extremely scary movie about two lovers in a resort lodge. Things turn pretty ugly when they contract a virus. This is one of the best independent film channel movies because of its scary turn of events.

- Janiera Eldridge