Want to learn about the best independent films ever made? An independent feature film is one made outside of the traditional established studios by at unknown producer. These independent films often have controversial or unconventional plots and characters. Some films attract small audiences, while other break the barrier and are popular with many diverse groups of people.

  1. "Reservoir Dogs" This independent film directed by Quentin Tarantino is about a planned robbery that goes very wrong and shows the consequences of breaking the law. The men that planned the heist start to suspect that a member of their group is a police informant.

  2. "The Unusual Suspects" Five con men are brought to a police station for questioning, but none of the men are guilty of the crime in question so they plan revenge against the police after they are let go. A mastermind criminal named Keyser Soze comes into the picture. Each man has betrayed him and pays for this. The big question throughout the film is who is Keyser Soze?

  3. "Sideways" Two middle aged men take a trip through wine country before one of them is about to get married. Neither have achieved what they wanted in life. The movie focuses on their adventure and mishaps before the wedding takes place.

  4. "The Blair Witch Project" Now this is a creative independent movie filmed on a budget. Although there is little violence and gore, the settling creates a scary mood. Three students travel to Maryland woods to find the Blair Witch, but they never return and later their film is found.

  5. "Fargo" A man who embezzled money has his wife kidnapped to get money from his father-in-law as ransom. The scheme goes from bad to worse when some people are murdered. A pregnant sheriff Marge Gunderson carefully investigates the case determined to solve it.

  6. "Wings of Desire" The story of two angels wandering the earth in Berlin giving help despite being invisible to the needy and depressed. One angel crosses over to find out what human life is like. An interesting concept and movie not fast-paced and action-packed like many.

  7. "Capote" The movie is about author Truman Capote and his partner Harper Lee researching and interviewing the murder of a family of four for the book "In Cold Blood." While they spend time talking with and getting to know the killers of the crime so they can write the book, Capote feels some empathy for the killer.

  8. "Two Lane Blacktop" The story about two men who drag race across the United States in a gray 1955 Chevy that is still in primer. Dedicated to the car and racing, they search for others to race with and meet a girl who tags along with them on their journey.

  9. "American Beauty" A depressed suburban father develops an infatuation with his daughter's attractiv high school friend; he is tempted to become involved with her. The daughter is in a relationship with a shy boy whose father is homophobic.

  10. "Amadeus" The story of Mozart and his rival Antonio Salieri who envies Mozart's talent. He set out to destroy Mozart by posing as his friend when all the while he plots and schemes how to destroy him.