The 5 Best Independent Films of 2010 are just a few out of the many independent films which are made outside of Hollywood. Whether these films are comedies, dramas or horror films they all have been made without the studio executives changing most of the content in these films.

  1. "Mother and Child" Rodrigo Garcia's film "Mother and Child" is one of the best independent films of 2010. The film shows the lives of three women that are somehow affected by adoption. One woman questions her decision of giving up her child for adoption. Another woman who is growing older wonders about her real mother, and one couple begin the process of adoption.

  2. "Holy Rollers" Based on a true story, "Holy Rollers" is also one of the best independent films of 2010. A Hasidic Jew smuggles over a million pills of ecstasy into the United States per year. Transporting medicine between the United States and Europe cause the Hasidic Jew to become more tangled up in the drug smuggling business.

  3. "Micmacs" Jean-Pierre Jeunet created "Micmacs" which is another one of the best independent films of 2010. Caught in the cross fire by a drive-by shooting, the main character, Boon, takes a bullet to the head. After Boon recovers, he gets involved with an ex-con who plans to get revenge on the weapon manufacturer who was indirectly responsible for the shooting.

  4. "Ondine" Another one of the best independent films of 2010 is "Ondine." Caught in the net of a fisherman is a mysterious woman who happens to be a mermaid. As the fisherman begins to fall in love with the possible mermaid, dark events begin to occur which threatens their relationship.

  5. "Splice" This science fiction thriller called "Splice" is also one of the best independent films of 2010.  Two scientists mix human and animal DNA to create a deformed human infant named Dren. Hell bent on destroying everything in it's path, this winged half-human monster causes everything to go downhill after she is created.