When all is shot and done, the actors off on another shoot or vacation, and a crew hunting for another job,the editor comes into to pick up the pieces. On an independent movie this can be a long and often grueling task at what to show on screen but here are three indie films that show that these editors have the stuff to take on the most difficult tasks and pump you up for one hell of a great time at the cinemas.


Spencer Susser and Michael McCusker, "Hesher"

Piecing together a movie like "Hesher" looked to be one hell of task. It deals with various themes of death, abuse, coming of age, head banging music, and never blinks an eye away from it. Spencer Susser and Michael McCusker gather up this stewing celluloid and create a performance from Joseph Gordon Levitt as Hesher quite unlike anything seen before. He may be hard to take with every vicious gutter mouth punch but Susser and McCusker never throw away a good take of him and his greasy long Jesus-demon hair.

Zach-Stuart Pontier "Martha Marcy May Marlene" 

The fusing of reality, dreams, and illusion to the young mind of Elizabeth Olsen made "Martha Marcy May Marlene" one of the most talked about movies of the year. Pontier, who also was the film's 2nd unit director, gives these mind bending elements such a flawless connection to one another as we don't know what could happen next or if it is reality or a psychological dreamscape from her character's fragile mind. Recalling the days after watching "Memento" yet with a subconscious dagger,  this  tough and frightening journey that Pontier puts together for us, will have you talking for weeks, or even months, on end.

Mat Newman "Drive

The pacing and confidence of Mat Newman's work in "Drive" are one of the many great highlights that the movie offers. Working with director Nicolas Winding Refn since creating the inner world of "Bronson", Newman and Refn's work reaches an apex here with juxtapositions jump-cuts like a sequence between Ryan Gosling working on his engine and Carey Mulligan hosting a welcome back party for her ex-con husband, the fast cutting of a cinematic dynamite chase sequence from the valley to the Hollywood hills, and one tender moment that brings on the best head stomping kill in cinema. Newman is one of the most prolific editors around and makes you wonder why the Oscars snubbed a nomination for him. Here at screen Junkies we reward the best by putting Newman on this list.