The moment of shock and awe come blasting to your mind when you remember cinematic moments like King Kong coming from the jungle, the brontosaurs grazing in "Jurassic Park", or poor John Hurt having his chest burst open in "Alien." These scenes have become fewer and fewer through out time as we settle for "Transformers"-esque fast paced special effects or cheap CGI. But here are three movies that don't fall into the modern day pitfalls of creature effects and give us some of the most memorable creature moments in recent cinema history. These are the Screen Junkies Awards winners for Best Creature Effects.



For those of you who have seen this crazy found footage horror movie from Norway, it was like "Jurassic Park" all over again when the 50 foot tall hair monsters came stomping onto the screen. The creative team behind these stunning VFX monsters consisted of 25 + fellow Norwegian filmmakers most of whom have worked on the pervious "Matrix" installments. Here they have now given us something that brings honor to their Nordic homeland.

"Attack the Block"

The husband and wife, Mike and Mary Elizalde, are the go to team for all things puppets and VFX design. They're practical on-set designs have dated back to the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" days and have continue to wow us with each new Guillermo Del Toro movie. The design of the creatures in "Attack The Block" are simple compared to their previous work but those large dark cloaks and radiantly scary glowing eyes can make you squeal in the dark.


There are no big monsters or space aliens in this movie unlike "Trollhunter" or "Attack the Block.' But you got to give it up this handmade crew calling themselves, Team Coatwolf, with turning a 1972 Buick Skylark into fire breathing machine of badassdom called The Medusa. Additional to the car, this team of collaborators made their very own flame throwers, cameras, and spaghetti sauce bursting gun. It will be exciting to see what they can bring to the indie scene next.