The 10 best indie couples in films range from the idiocentric to the awkward to the beautiful. With independent cinema, nothing is ever as it seems and these couples share relationships that are both awkward and quirky. Not all these characters had happy endings but they all were amazing pairings that provided groundbreaking stories.

  1. “The Kids are All Right”Julianne Moore and Annette Bening co-star as lesbian parents, portraying one of the best indie couples in films. The movie presents them with difficulties when their kids seeks out their sperm donor, and he comes in between the two women.

  2. “Away We Go” – Television actors John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph star as an amazing indie couple in this film about two soon-to-be parents who set out on a road trip. The couple’s goal is to find where and how they can raise a happy family. Along the way they meet all sorts of family units, trying to find where they fit in.

  3. “Run Lola Run” – Franka Potente stars as a woman who learns that her boyfriend needs a specific amount of money or he will be killed. The movie splits into different situations with various outcomes as she tries to save his life. The final situation eventually sees the couple reunited with one another.

  4. “Brokeback Mountain”Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal play a pair of Cowboys who develop a romantic relationship. The movie is a tragedy as the two men are never able to fully commit to their love for one another.

  5. “(500) Days of Summer” – What makes this couple so great is how interesting their story is. The film is told out of order, with different portions of their relationship told at different times until it finally falls apart at the end.

  6. “Juno” – “Juno” tells the story of a girl who gets pregnant after losing her virginity and chooses to put the baby up for adoption. Juno and Paulie share a sweet relationship in this film, which contrasts their innocence with the deterioration of the adoptive parents marriage.

  7. “I Love You Phillip Morris”Jim Carrey and Ewen McGregor star in this eclectic indie as an interesting couple. The movie is a strange look at a gay conman, played by Carrey, who ends up in prison where he meets Phillip Morris and falls in love with him.

  8. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” – Jim Carrey stars in the greatest movie of his career and his relationship with Kate Winslet’s Clementine is one of cinema’s greatest indie couples in films. The two characters fall in love and then out of love, wishing to have their minds wiped, only to meet and fall in love again.

  9. “Let Me In” – This is one of the most awkward, strange indie couples in films. In this movie, a child vampire named Abby meets a boy named Owen and the two develop a strange relationship. By the end of the movie, it is revealed he was chosen as a replacement for her former lover, and caretaker, who has grown old.

  10. “Slumdog Millionaire” – This Oscar winning movie is one of the best independent movies in many years, featuring a street kid named Jamal who gets a chance to be on a TV game show. Jamal uses this as an opportunity to try to win over the love of his life, a girl named Latika.

-Shawn Lealos