Unleash the animation beast in you with the 10 best Indie animated films. The movies that made the list of the ten best Indie animated films may not look like anything that you have seen in any of the major cineplexes, most of them are exclusively played at arthouses and saw limited release. But no matter how small their releases were, all of the movies that made the list of the ten best Indie films are all worth your time.

  1. “Mary and Max” ( 2008)- An incredibly sweet story of a chubby Australian girl who become pen pals with a middle aged New Yorker with Aspergers syndrome this movie made the list of the ten best Indie animated films because of its excellent use of claymation and the voice over work of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

  2. “$9.99” (2008)- After picking up a book on the meaning of life at the bargain basement price of $9.99, a man is determined to share the books message with everyone he knows. This one of the ten best Indie animated films is a testament to how the written word can change a persons life.

  3. “The Book of the Dead” (2005)- Set in eighth century Japan, this Indie animated film chronicles a young woman’s pursuit of a long dead prince. This film takes place at a time when Buddhism was just being introduced to Japan, and is a must see for fans of Japanese folklore and historical fiction.

  4. “Persepolis” (2007)-A massive hit in the arthouse scene, this Indie animated film has an intriguing animation style and is an interesting story of a young girl trying to find herself living in a repressive society.

  5. “The Triplets of Belleville” (2003)- This Indie animated film made an impression on animation fans and critics alike. The story of a young man competing in the Tour de France uses its slick animation and tight story telling to draw you in.

  6. “Tokyo Godfathers” (2003)- This Indie animated film is as sweet as it is quirky. It’s a touching story about three unlikely roommates who find a baby on Christmas Eve.

  7. “Fritz the Cat” (1972)- A classic in the world of adult animation, this Indie animation film is a must see for fans of Robert Crum. Follow the adventures of a street wise cat named Fritz as he shags his way through the counter culture.

  8. “Gregory Horror Show” (2004)- If you’re looking for something that is equal parts surreal, funny and scary, this Indie animated film is for you. The animation is interesting but it is not of the faint of heart.

  9. “Read or Die” (2003)- Anyone who thinks that the library is boring has never seen this Indie animation film. When you have a mad man trying to destroy the world, the best man for the job is a library operations expert.

  10. "The Girl who Leapt Through Time" (2006)- Inspired by Yasutaka Tsutsui's novel, this Indie animated film the charming story of a seemingly normal high school girl who has the ability to travel through time.