The 10 best independent films 2008 were highly acclaimed in their artistic endeavors. The year 2008 showed the film industry what filmmaking was really all about - art. From western themes to cartoons, independent films are as creative as any.

  1. "There Will Be Blood." A dark sinister film starring Daniel Day-Lewis, this takes place during the California oil boom. This film shows a larger-than life business man being challenged on many different levels in a small town. It entails many cinematic themes such as Doppelganger, religion, business and the American dream. This film is independent by nature, but a blockbuster at heart and that's what makes it one of the best independent films of 2008.

  2. "Persepolis." No one saw "Persepolis" coming. An animated artistically creative film that follows a young Iranian girl trying to grow up during the Islamic Revolution, its style is unmatched and its story is unlike any other making it a great 2008 independent film.

  3. "Charlie Bartlett." Rarely do filmgoers witness a young high schooler rebelling in the way that Charlie Bartlett has done. He dubs himself the high school's resident psychiatrist and all kinds of things begin to change.

  4. "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day." When Miss Pettigrew loses her job for the second time, she realizes that she must begin living for herself. She reluctantly takes up the job of a social secretary and begins assisting a young, wealthy, fabulous actress. This whirlwind of a film is one of the best independent films of 2008.

  5. "The Visitor." This film follows a man who has gone through a very rough patch after his wife has passed away. He begins an unsuspecting friendship with two illegal aliens who are squatting his home in the city. He learns about love and life through their connection to music.

  6. "Savage Grace." This film spans across three decades. It tells the tale of a woman who marries above her social class and the challenges their marriage faces. However, with the birth of their son, the marriage becomes more strained due to the father's constant disappointment.

  7. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." Woody Allen isn't one to shy away from complex love stories. In this film, he attempts to show two American girls getting caught up in a complicated marriage. Cristina finds herself drawn to a painter who is still involved with his eccentric ex-wife. What's to follow is steamy adventure.

  8. "Run Fat Boy Run." This film tells the story of a torn relationship. Beyond competing for love, the main character must compete with his own disappointment and regret. To prove himself worthy of love once again, he decides to run in an epic marathon in the hopes of winning over the hearts he has broken. It's a comedy with heart and is an excellent 2008 independent film.

  9. "Smart People." This film loves to show how stupid "smart" people tend to be. A literature professor is stuck in a rut when he finds himself losing passion for the things he loves. It isn't until his brother comes back into his life and a former student comes back into his life, that the old, dusty emotions begin to challenge him the most.

  10. "Teeth." A vagina with teeth. That's the ongoing catalyst for this film. Oddly enough, its central theme consists of empowering women through evolving in, not only a physical sense, but also an emotional one. Vagina dentata, love and hope come together to make this one of the best independent films of 2008.