There are a lot of selections to choose from these days, but narrowing down what exactly constitutes the top horror movies really takes a meticulous eye. Is a movie scary because it has a lot of gore, or is it scary because it has lots of shock value? All of these films are great examples of what makes horror one of the most entertaining movie genres.


While the sequels became increasingly implausible and ridiculous, the first movie stands pretty well as one of the top horror movies. A bad guy is this film is called the “Jigsaw Killer”, despite the fact that he doesn’t kill his victims, he merely manipulates them into doing horrible things to others and themselves. Despite the fact that there is very little gore in the film, it’s still quite shocking.

"The Blair Witch Project".

This is the horror film that started the whole craze of “lost footage” as the basis for a horror movie. The movie tells the story of a video tape that is found that shows what happened to a group of teens who get lost in the woods while looking for the fictional urban myth of the Blair Witch in Maryland.

"The Beyond".

An 80’s horror movie with kind of an odd premise that still ranks as one of the top horror movies due to its ability to show no mercy to any of the characters in the film. It’s about a young woman who inherits a hotel that was built on one of the doorways to Hell. Once she breaks through some of the old drywall, she has inadvertently opened the door and unleashes a fury that cannot be contained or controlled.

"The Exorcist".

No list of the top horror movies would be complete without including this masterpiece of terror. It’s the oldest film on the list having been released in 1973, but it’s still considered one of the best movies in terms of having the ability to scare viewers decades later. It’s a tale of a young girl who is possessed by a demon and the priest who is committed to expelling it and who goes to increasingly desperate means to do so.

"An American Werewolf in London".

Still considered the best werewolf movie of all time, it also holds the honor of being one of the only top horror movies to ever win an Oscar (for special effects). Director John Landis put a new spin on an old legend by setting the story around two Americans who are traveling around Europe by foot when they are attacked by a werewolf, which kills one of the boys and cursing the other one into becoming a werewolf.

-Mark Dodson