Survive the zombie apocalypse by learning how to kill a zombie. Hordes of the walking dead could attack at any time. Don't be caught unaware. So grab those supplies and get ready to become a zombie killing machine.

Things you will need to kill a zombie:

  • a weapon

  • a zombie

  • lighter or match

  • water

Grab you weapon. During the zombie apocalypse, anything can become a weapon. Some good choices are: a screwdriver, kitchen knife, scissors, chainsaw or a crowbar. Get creative. The most important thing is remember to never be caught unaware or unarmed.

Demobilize that zombie. The best way to stop a zombie is to remove or severally damage head. Don't be caught off guard after this step. Depending on the type of zombie you are dealing with, the zombie body might still be dangerous.

Set it on fire. The best way to kill a zombie, again, is to make sure nothing is left. A pile of ashes can't eat your brains. Be sure that you have demobilized the zombie before you set it on fire. Zombies can't feel pain so being set on fire will not slow them down. If your zombie is not properly demobilized, all you've done is created a moving zombie-torch.

Put the fire out. You don't want to potential burn down our refuge so make sure to put the fire out after you kill the zombie.

Stay on the look out. Even after you send that rotting corpse back to the underworld, there might be others. Zombies usually always travel in packs so where there one theres another.

- Raina Lorring