"The Last Exorcism" ending is very rapid, and several new details are spilled like a flood of information. Throughout the horror film the audience is free to interpret if Nell's behavior is caused by a psychological disorder or a demonic possession. The freedom of choice is ended within the last fifteen minutes of "The Last Exorcism"; supernatural events occur that cannot be logically explained.

"The Last Exorcism" ending begins with Reverend Cotton Marcus and his film crew quickly leaving the hotel. The drive to the farm after realizing that Nell was not impregnated by gay town boy Logan. After arriving at the farm house, they see satanic symbols drawn all over the walls. The crew and Cotton hear screaming outside, so they swiftly head to the woods. Through the trees and bushes, they see a satanic ritual lead by Pastor Manley in front of a giant fire. Everyone watches as Nell gives birth to a demonic red creature. Pastor Manley grabs the red creature Nell gave birth to, and he throws it into the fire; the fire bursts into a fireball. Unable to stand idly any longer, Cotton walks towards the fire with a cross raised. The cult notices the woman producer hiding in the trees, and they kill her. Scared after witnessing the death of the producer, the cameraman runs into the woods. Caleb, which is Nell's brother, appears by the cameraman and cuts off his head. The screen fades to black.

In the end of "The Last Exorcism," the audience learns Reverend Manley and the church congregation ar devil worshippers. Cotton supposedly regains his faith in God, and Nell is pregnant. Some audiences were puzzled and left with many questions about "The Last Exorcism" ending. Did Cotton truly regain his faith in God, or was he scared of the demon? Did Cotton die? Cotton regained his faith within the last few minutes of the film according to "The Last Exorcism" director Daniel Stamm. The ending of "The Last Exorcism" was haunting and pleased most audiences, even though a few questions are unanswered.

- Bethany Corder