For a scary movie night that will make you relive you high school days, watch these teen horror movies. The films below aren’t afraid to show killers hunting down teenagers in creatively shocking ways. Whether it’s Halloween time, summer camp season, or the prom, these occasions are ruined by murdering rampages. Don’t worry about things getting too dark, though, since many of the films can be pretty funny.

  1. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” This teen horror movie franchise revolves around a group of neighborhood teens who are stalked by Freddy Krueger every time they fall asleep. Take your pick between the original ‘80s version or the recent remake. If you watch the original, you’ll get to see an extremely young Johnny Depp meet a bloody fate.

  2. “Friday the 13th Another teen horror movie that was originally made in the ‘80s, this film is all about a summer camp vacation gone wrong. Teens live an idyllic life at Camp Crystal until the supernatural Jason begins a killing spree. Those who engage in premarital sex are the first to get the axe in this scary film.

  3. “Scream” A film that revitalized the teen horror movie genre, “Scream” takes all the clichés of past teen fright films and turns them on their head. A group of high schoolers becomes plagued by a serial killer who seems to be out for Neve Cambell’s character in particular. The first scene with Drew Barrymore is a great movie moment that successfully sets the tone for the entire film.

  4. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” This teen horror movie featured the film darlings of the early ‘90s: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddy Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ryan Phillippe. They play a bunch of revelers partying too hard after high school graduation. The party turns sour, however, when they run over a fisherman and decide to dump the body into the ocean. A year later, a killer resurfaces with their secret.

  5. “Halloween” This classic teen horror movie stars a young Jamie Lee Curtis in one of her early film roles. She plays a virginal babysitter who soon faces the torment of the masked killer, Mike Meyers, who hunts down her naughtier friends with a butcher knife. It’s a must-see during Halloween time.

  6. “Urban Legend” A fun teen horror film, the movie takes all the urban legends that you probably scared your friends with long ago and brings them to life on the screen. A group of college students finds themselves in the middle of a mysterious rash of killings, all resembling common campfire legends. If you want a horror movie with more creative deaths, watch this film.

  7. “Carrie” This 1970’s film is a very unique and rather dark teen horror movie. Sissy Spacek plays a young high school girl who is tormented because of her shy, strange behavior. What other kids don’t know, however, is that she has special powers. They come out at prom night after a prank goes completely wrong. Her violent revenge is one of cinema’s most famous horror scenes.

  8. “Final Destination” Ali Larter and Devon Sawa star in this teen horror movie about a group of young people who narrowly dodge a plane crash. Death will not let them escape their fates, however, and the teens suffer from a series of freak accidents that kill the group off one by one. This movie has a more original plot in the fact that there are no killers, but instead gruesome accidents.