The secret to watching suspense horror movies on a date is to find a really good movie that your date has never seen before and will put them on the edge of their seats or closer into your arms, but not sicken or scare the bejesus out of them. This can be tricky. There are so many suspense horror movies out there that you may pick one that is more terrifying then you would want or a total dud. That can kill your chances of making a move. However, if you stick with these suspense horror movies on your date, you'll have a better chance at being thrilled and drawn closer together.

  1. "Scream." One of Wes Craven's most popular and successful horror films is a parody of horror movies, though also very successful as a horror movie itself. It follows a killer in a small town who wears a Halloween costume and starts murdering teenagers. There's as much humor as there is death, which is a lot, so it's the perfect suspense horror movie to watch on a date.

  2. "The Descent." Barely known and really terrifying, "The Descent" is a foreign film about a team of female spelunkers who go caving for fun, only to get trapped and then run into a bunch of demons. Not only is it brilliantly made and scary as hell, it has women as the heroes throughout this suspense horror movie, which will be refreshing on your date.

  3. "Psycho." The horror classic from Alfred Hitchcock is not only an amazing movie to watch in this day and age, but it still holds up as a suspense horror movie to watch on a date, keeping you both on the edge of your seat. Watching a black and white film will also bring a certain classiness to the date, which is never bad.

  4. "28 Days Later." Director Danny Boyle's zombie film is an arresting movie about people who are trying to survive in the midst of a disease that has turned people into flesh eating zombies. This is a tight, well-made movie that follows these survivors on their quest. It is both suspenseful and horrific at times, but also incredibly entertaining, which will make you and your date happy you watched it together.

  5. "Alien." Director Ridley Scott's first film is one of his best and one of the best suspense horror movies ever made. The story follows a crew of miners on a spaceship way in the future who encounter an alien life form that comes aboard the ship in the body of one of the crew. A few scenes in particular will make you and your date jump out of your skin.

  6. "The Shining." Director Stanley Kubrick adapted the Stephen King horror novel into this classic suspense horror movie about a family who is snowed in as caretakers of a massive hotel in the mountains. The husband, famously played by Jack Nicholson, goes crazy and tries to kill his family.