No matter what time of year it is, it’s never too early get into suspense horror movies for Halloween. Watching suspense horror movies for Halloween is a long standing tradition for homes all over the country. They feed the fear and fun that Halloween is all about, bringing chills, spills, feed into the inner most fears and probably shouldn’t be watched alone in the dark.

  1. “Halloween” (1978)- A classic among suspense horror movies for Halloween, this is the movie that started the saga of Michal Myers. A damaged young man breaks out of a mental hospital and returns to his home town to take out the sister who eluded him when he killed their family. The sequels that came after the original are sub par at best, but you can never go wrong with the original “Halloween”

  2. “It” (1990)- Originally, this suspense horror movie for Halloween was a made for TV mini series based on the best selling Stephen King novel. Starring Tim Curry as “It," this movie feeds into all of the base fears that you had as a child and ramps them up to horrifying levels. If you’re afraid of clowns, spiders or the dark, this movie will keep you aware for a week.

  3. “Carrie” (1976)- A tour de force performance from a young Sissy Spacek, this movie is the ultimate story of bullies and revenge. Carrie is stuck between a rock and a hard place, between her hyper religious mother who sees her every move a sin and a group of popular kids at school who love nothing more than to pick on the freak show. What no one knows is that  Carrie has telekinetic powers and when she finally pushed to far she will have the ultimate revenge. Everything about this movie is awesome, but the scene with the pigs blood and Carrie blowing up the school is what makes this the perfect suspense horror movie for Halloween.

  4. “I Spit on Your Grave” (1978-2009)-While it is definitely an awesome revenge thriller, this suspense horror movie for Halloween is not for the faint of heart. Deciding that she needs break from the city, an aspiring writer rents a cabin in the woods in hopes of recharging her batteries and doing some writing. Her peaceful retreat is ruined when she is the victim of a gang rape and left for dead. The young writer recovers and she spends the rest of the trip seeking revenge against the men to tried to kill her. Perhaps best known for one of the most brutal rape scenes ever put on film, this movie will have you jumping out of your skin before it’s over.

  5. “Aracnophobia” (1990)- Depending on how you feel about spiders, this suspense horror movie for Halloween is either going to be the funniest thing you have ever seen or your worst nightmare come to life. A deadly South African spider hitches a ride to the states and mates with a common brown house spider. The result is is something that looks like a house spider that packs a venomous punch. To take the edge off of the creepy crawlies this movie has loads of black humor and a hilarious performance from John Goodman. This movie is so creepy that just writing about bring the chills.