Vampire names for females in movies try to capture the sexiness and deadliness of its protagonists to create a diverse villain. Female vampires are always seen as gorgeous, immortal beauties who turn into vile, blood-sucking monsters later on. Their movie names need to evoke a delicate balance of both horror and mystery for audiences that look for a lovely, scary beast. Other movies go straight for the jugular, so to speak, and give the female night stalker a terrifying title to their deep-seeded evil. Female vampire names are fundamental to create a compelling movie monster.

Selene. Kate Beckinsale stars as a Death Dealer, a vampire who hunts down werewolves for the sake of her race in the movie "Underworld." Her name brings a soft, sweet image even though she is a deadly force to be reckoned with. This female vampire is definitely no push over against the hordes of werewolves looking for a fight. Hers shows a regal stature while never sacrificing her edgy exterior as a warrior for the vampires.

Mina. A name synonymous with Count Dracula from the famed novel by Bram Stoker has been used for many movies involving vampires. Francis Ford Coppola directed "Bram Stoker's Dracula" as a love story between Mina and Dracula who turns her into a vampire in order to share his cursed life. "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" brings all of the literary heroes together to fight crime, including Mina as a vampire in this incarnation. The name reminds audiences of her as both the victim and the hero in both films.

Satanico Pandemonium. This female vampire's name is certainly a mouthful but she is not one to mess with. Salma Hayek plays the titular character as the queen of vampires who is as sexy as she is deadly in "From Dusk Till Dawn." Her origins were explored in the prequel "From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter" and how she ended up at the nudie bar. Her long name is not something to laugh at though as this hell cat will never think twice to feast on the living in her true form.

Marie. A softer, gentler name for a vampire fits one that does not want to bring harm to a lot of innocent people to survive. This is the case for John Landis' "Innocent Blood" as a woman who feasts off of gangsters to get her fill of blood. Hers invokes a weariness of living an immortal life alone as a predator in a struggle to live.

Saya. A vampire can also be the hero of the story and her name delivers justice to the undead that threaten humanity in Chris Nahon's "Blood: The Last Vampire." This secret agent wanders the depths to find demons in a military school from post-World War II Japan. The female vampire wastes no time hunting down the paranormal and using her gifts to save lives.