Over the history of cinema there have been many films that have been called the scariest movies. Many of these movies are horrific, gory and frightening on many different levels. Some people are scared by monsters while others are frightened by real life horrors, but all these movies scare people in many different ways.

  1. “Shining”Stanley Kubrick directs this Stephen King adaptation about a family who agrees to stay in a vacant hotel in Colorado during off season to take care of it. While there, the father slowly goes insane and begins to try to kill his wife and son while ghosts continue to haunt him.

  2. “The Ring” – This American remake of an Asian horror movie remains as scary as the original, a rare feat in Hollywood. The movie tells of a videotape where, if a person watches it they are cursed to die. When a woman finds the tape and her son inadvertently watches it, she sets out to find out how to transfer the curse.

  3. “Halloween” – This John Carpenter movie became the template for the horror slasher movies. This movie remains scarier than most slasher movies, remaining serious to the threat of the faceless killer hunting down a babysitter and the kids she is tasked with watching.

  4. “Exorcist” – This is one of the scariest movies thanks to the horror of religion and paganism in the film. The movie tells the story of a young girl possessed by a demon and the priests sent in by the Catholic church to perform the exorcism. No exorcist movie since this has ever matched the level of fear.

  5. “Hellraiser” – Clive Barker wrote the story this movie was based on and the film takes the monster/slasher genre and moves it into the direction that the later torture porn genre would possess. The film tells of a group of beings who torture and torment people in a sadomasochistic manner.

  6. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” – This 70s horror movie remains one of the scariest movies ever made. The film is a typical story of kids going into an unfamiliar area and being hunted down by monsters. The difference is the grainy, realistic manner of the filming making it seem too real and terrifying.

  7. “Session 9” – This lesser known horror movie remains one of the more recent scary movies, a ghost story shot in a very frightening manner. A group of workers are sent in to clear out an old prison hospital and learns that it is haunted when they begin to die one-by-one.

  8. “The Thing” – John Carpenter remade the classic horror film, “The Thing from Another World” and created one of the scariest movies of his career. The film stars Kurt Russell as a group of men in the arctic who are hunted by a shape shifting monster, meaning anyone could be the enemy.

  9. “28 Days Later” – Future Oscar winning director Danny Boyle directs this British horror movie about an epidemic that wipes out most of Britain, leaving the survivors either crazed or hunted. The movie is similar to zombie movies although the monsters here are still alive.

  10. “Frailty” – This is one of the scariest movies to center on religious tones as a man leads his two young sons to kill anyone he believes is possessed by demons that only he can see. The movie takes place in flashbacks and one of the sons tries to help a detective stop murders taking place years later.

- Shawn Lealos