Surfing to find the scariest movies ever? Horror buffs have long been glued to their seats by the sheer horror of these films. Grab your pillow and don't turn out the lights because these films are sure to cause nightmares.

  1. “The Sealed Room” This 1909 scary movie is every claustrophobic's nightmare. The movie stars Arthur Johnson, Mary Pickford, Marion Leonard, Mack Sennett and Henry Walthall. This movie is a play on Poe's "Cask of Amontillado." A king seals his unfaithful girlfriend and her lover in a vault while they are having sex. The eventually suffocate and die.

  2. “Frankenstein” The original is always the best in this scariest movie ever list. This movie starred Augustus Phillips, Charles Ogle and Mary Fuller. This version of Frankenstein is extremely different from the Frankenstein that has become a famous part of American culture. This movie involves the mind of the doctor. The menacing monster is killed simply by staring in the mirror.

  3. "Night of the Living Dead" One of the most scariest zombie movies ever made. No list would ever be complete without this 1968 George Romero classic. This film began a horror legacy that included greats such as "Dawn of the Dead" and remakes. In this movie, dead bodies to come back to life and eat the flesh of living humans. The two people living under a rock who have not seen this movie should really check it out.

  4. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" The year 1984 was officially rocked with the release of this horror franchise. Wes Craven made history with this movie. Robert Englund established himself as horror royalty and Johnny Depp made his movie debut in this one of the scariest slasher movies ever made.

  5. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” This 1974 film is based on country cannibals who murder and eat unsuspecting travelers. This movie was loosely based on a true story, which added to the horror of the film and makes it one of the scariest movies ever. Directed by Tobe Hooper, this movie still gives the chills today.

  6. “Halloween” Jamie Lee Curtis became a household name in this 1978 film terror. Michael Myers escapes from a mental institution and begins to unleash terror on the teenagers at a camp site. This movie franchise included seven sequels.

  7. “The Exorcist” This head-spinning, pea soup-flying movie has been spoofed and copied time and time again. "The Exorcist" was released in 1973. In this movie, a young girl is possessed by demons and two priests attempt to exorcise her.

  8. “Alien” This scary movie was filmed in 1979. In this movie, a creature from another world systematically kills the crew of a spaceship. The mission to impregnate and destroy the humans is carried out in this terrifying film. This movie features Sigourney Weaver, who plays the heroine.

  9. “Scream” In 1996, this movie crashed onto the scene. Neve Campbell stars in this movie that features a girl trying to figure out who is killing all of her friends and targeting her. This movie spawned two sequels.

  10. “Pet Sematary” This 1989 Stephen King thriller features a man obsessed with bringing his son back from the dead. He eventually buries his wife in the graveyard and is presumed to have died at the end of the film. This is the scariest movie ever because of the cute little boy who is brought back to life. He should have also been awarded the cutest psychopathic kid ever.