If you love horror movies then you may have wondered what others consider the scariest movie ever. You obviously have your own ideas of what scares you the most but what do others think? Well, the one movie that more people have voted on as the scariest movie ever is "The Exorcist." While a few people may have a differing opinion, the general consensus is that it is the scariest movie ever made. Here are a few facts on "The Exorcist."

  1. Injury and death. Both Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair received back injuries on the set during filming and performing stunts. Burstyn's back injury was permanent. There were nine deaths of persons associated with filming and production during the movie's creation. Add to that a fire that destroyed a set over the weekend, you have a pretty ominous movie.

  2. Hysteria, fainting and suing. During the film's release back in 1973, many people first seeing the movie would faint or even go into hysterics. This prompted many theaters to have to call paramedics. One moviegoer even broke his jaw when he fainted, which caused him to sue the studios claiming they had put in subliminal imagery. He won for an undisclosed amount, probably due to the studio wanting to get it out of the way, not because they felt that they had used subliminal imagery.

  3. Top Grossing. For an R-rated movie, when adjusted for the rates today "The Exorcist" is not only the scariest movie ever but it is also the highest grossing movie ever.

  4. Banned. "The Exorcist" has been banned in the past. In the U.K. it was banned in certain towns so those towns sometimes scheduled bus trips to the movie in other areas. The U.K. also censored the video release until 1999, when it was finally made available to the public. This was due to all of the sensitive material in the movie and other countries had banned it as well such as Ireland.

  5. True story. The movie was based on a book by William Peter Blatty who based his book on a real exorcism. This real exorcism was supposedly done on a child named Robbie in 1949.

Now you know a few interesting facts on the scariest movie ever, "The Exorcist." While some people may not be so scared, the majority of people believe this to be the scariest movie ever made and it will be a difficult feat to top it.