Do you want to check out the scariest Japanese horror movies? Japan has long been known for creepy horror films, many of which have been remade in the United States. If you feel like being frightened, read on for the list of scary Japanese horror movies:

  1.  "Audition" (1999). This Japanese horror film starts off as a romantic comedy about a widower who is auditioning potential girlfriends. It takes a sharp turn into the terrifying, however, when one of the women is not what she seems to be. Though the man in taken with this woman, who is a ballet dancer, he doesn't know that she is a cold-blooded killer with a hidden agenda. Director Takashi Miike is one of the best known auteurs in the Japanese horror genre.

  2.  "Ringu" (1998). Remade in the United States as "The Ring," this terrifying Japanese horror movie is about a strange videotape that causes those who watch it to die in seven days. When a journalist's niece falls victim to this terrible fate, the journalist sets out on a quest to find out the secret behind the strange videotape before it's too late. "Ringu" is based on a popular series of Japanese novels. It was named Best Asian Film at the Fant-Asia Film Festival.

  3. "Ju-on" (2002). This Japanese haunted house film, about the ghosts of a woman and her son who terrorize those who enter a certain house, was remade in the U.S. as "The Grudge" with Sarah Michelle Gellar. In this original film, a social worker becomes exposed to the ghosts when she begins caring for the woman who lives in the house. She investigates why so many who have entered have faced terrible fates. "Ju-on" won the Best Foreign Film Award at Screamfest.

  4.  "Three Extremes" (2004). This film is actually three scary movies in one by three of Japan's most famous horror directors, including Miike. One of the segments is about a woman whose quest for beauty brings her to an unfortunate end; another is a director who is kidnapped by an extra in one of his movies; and the third is about a writer with a dark secret. The movie was nominated for Best Film at the Sitges-Catalonian International Film Festival.

  5.  "Suicide Club" (2001). In this bizarre, scary Japanese movie, a strange chain of events is unleashed after a group of schoolgirls jump in front of a subway car. As the rash of suicides spread across the country, a detective investigating the case suspects the phenomenon has something to do with a new all-girl pop group. This unique movie won the prize for Most Groundbreaking Film at the Fant-Asia Film Festival.