Get the details with this “Paranormal Activity” spoiler. “Paranormal Activity” was released at the Screamfest Film Festival on October 14, 2007. Later, it was shown at the Slamdance Film Festival and the Telluride Film Festival. In October 2009, it was released nationwide. The film is presented in a found footage style. The movie opens with the couple, Micah (Micah Sloat) and Katie (Katie Featherston), setting the camera up on a tripod by their bed. The couple has been experiencing strange noises at night. At around 2:30 a.m., there is a loud bang and then what sounds like keys. Neither wake up and the clock fast-forwards through the night. Later, Katie questions Micah about the keys they find on the floor.

They call a psychic. Micah clearly isn't taking the psychic seriously, with his constant jokes that annoy Katie. She talks about her experiences with the paranormal as a child when she saw a strange shadow when her house burned down. The psychic explains that he only deals with ghost and they have a demon from Katie's past. The psychic leaves them with a number to a demonologist but Micah talks Katie out of calling. Micah wants to try contacting the demon with an Ouija board but Katie makes him promise not to since the psychic warned them not to communicate.

That night they are woken up by the sound of footsteps, and as they are listening to the sound, there is a sudden bang. Micah runs downstairs but finds nothing. The event makes Katie want to call the demonologist but Micah convinces her not to, while he also begins researching demons. That night, Katie stands over the bed, looking at Micah for several hours, and then goes downstairs. Micah finds her outside in a daze on the porch swing but she won't return to the house. He runs inside to get her a blanket. As he nears the bedroom, he hears static and the door slams shut. He opens the door to find nothing but then Katie is standing right behind him. She is startled and doesn't remember getting out of bed. The next night they hear footsteps again and run to the attic. They find a picture of Katie as a child in the attic.

Micah borrows a Ouija board and records his experience. Katie freaks out and Micah leaves the room with her. The camera captures the pointer moving and then the board burst into flames. The couple start fighting that morning and they hear a sound like cracking glass. A picture of them has been broken with Micah's face scratched out. It's then that Micah notices the fire. The psychic returns but he can feel how angry the demon is. He tells them that leaving won't help and that all he can do is try to get in contact with his colleague. That night, something comes into the bedroom, throws the covers off of Katie and drags her off the bed by her leg. She screams but is dragged into the hallway, with the door shutting behind her before Micah wakes up. You can hear a scuffle off camera and the two run back into the bedroom. They then take the camera and both go downstairs where they spend the night. There is a large bite on Katie's side and the couple agrees to leave in the morning.

Katie is nearly catatonic. Micah is parking the car, but then later finds that Katie does not want to leave the house. Micah storms out of the room and Katie smiles wickedly at the camera saying everything will be fine now. That night Katie goes downstairs and screams for Micah. He runs down but we hear a commotion. We then see Micah hurled back into the bedroom. Micah lays on the floor in front of the camera and it's unclear if he's dead. Katie comes into view covered in blood and sniffs Micah like an animal. The scene fades to black. Then text appears saying Micah's body was found the next day but Katie is missing.

- Tabatha Schroeder