Did you know there is more than one "Paranormal Activity" alternate ending? "Paranormal Activity" was originally an indie-movie released at the 2007 Screamfest Film Festival. Since then, "Paranormal Activity" has went on to be featured in theaters world wide (circa 2009), becoming one of the best financial investments in a movie ever and spawning a number of sequels. For the its initial investment of a mere $15,000 "Paranormal Activity" raked in a massive $193,355,800 of gross revenue! Well, enough yakking about the film, let's dive scream-first into the "Paranormal Activity" alternate ending, theatrical ending and original ending, shall we?

  1. Ending #1: The Original Ending The first "Screamfest '07" release of "Paranormal Activity" featured an interesting ending. After staring at Micah for a couple of hours, Katie walks downstairs in the middle of the night and lets out a blood-curling scream. Micah jumps out of bed excitedly and hurries to her aid. A struggle ensues (or what sounds like one) and then there is silence. Heavy footsteps begin to make their way up to the bedroom. There is a period of silence and then Katie is seen holding a steak knife in one hand with blood soaked all over her shirt; the demonic girl sits next to the bed and begins rocking back and forth for a whole day. Katie's friend stops by to check up on the couple, only to be shocked at the scene and flee. Police arrive, searching the house. After finding Katie alone, confused and wielding a knife in the bedroom, they are surprised when the door slams behind them and react immediately by shooting her.

  2. Ending #2: The Theatrical Ending As with the first ending, Katie lets out a scream from downstairs, Micah follows, a struggle happens and heavy footsteps make their way upstairs. This time, after the pause occurs, the demonic Katie vigorously tosses Micah's body at the camera, knocking it down on its side. After smelling his body, she turns to the camcorder and gives an evil grin. The demonic girl lunges at the audience as the movie concludes with a few lines of text on the screen saying that Katie has yet to be found.

  3. Ending #3: The Paramount Ending Also known as the "official" "Paranormal Activity" alternate ending, Katie stands up by her side of the bed for a few hours, goes down stairs and lets out a shrill scream, waking up Micah. The screaming continues and the noises of a struggle become loud until the whole thing abruptly stops. Heavy footsteps begin their ascension up the stairs and then suddenly stop. Katie walks in with blood all over her shirt, locking the door behind her. She walks up to the camera and stands there for a while, just idle. Then, raising up the same knife she used to kill Micah, the possessed Katie slits her throat and falls to the floor.

The different versions of the "Paranormal Activity" alternate ending all give a horrifying look into demon possession. Whether or not you choose to believe the story of Micha and Katie's fate in the "Paranormal Activity" alternate ending, though, is your choice.