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If what goes bump in the night is what gets your blood pumping, then you are a creature after our own hearts. Our horror movies section is dedicated to keeping your depraved brain brimming with horror flick fodder (at least until it’s needed to fuel the impending zombie apocalypse). From lists of the best classic horror movies to scary movies of 2008, what horror movies on DVD are must-adds to your library and who are the top ten most terrifying movie monsters, Screen Junkies is where it’s at.

Funny Scary Movies For Guys
Monday, April 4 by Jacob Quinn

These funny scary movies for guys are mostly low budget films with a lot of accidental humor and plenty of sexy ladies. There are also a few horror/comedies mixed in,…

Funny Zombie Movies For Guys
Saturday, April 2 by Houlihan Macaco

There are many funny zombie movies for guys that will have you choking on your popcorn. Some zombie movies are meant to be funny. Others are funny anyway. The following…

Mexican Horror Films With Monsters
Tuesday, March 29 by sameerah blue

Get ready for all kids of creepy with Mexican horror films with monsters. Even though horror and monster movies aren’t a particular strong point in Mexican cinema, when Mexican writers…

Suspense Horror Movies For Halloween
Tuesday, March 29 by sameerah blue

No matter what time of year it is, it’s never too early get into suspense horror movies for Halloween. Watching suspense horror movies for Halloween is a long standing tradition…

10 Awesome Horror Movies
Thursday, March 24 by Natalie Kuchik

The 10 awesome horror movies do not posses a ton of gore and high body counts. Gruesome deaths and cramming as many deaths possible into a horror movie usually equates…

Scariest Japanese Horror Movies
Thursday, March 24 by Andrea Miller

Do you want to check out the scariest Japanese horror movies? Japan has long been known for creepy horror films, many of which have been remade in the United States….

Mexican Horror Films To Watch With A Girl
Tuesday, March 22 by Samantha Assad

The best Mexican horror films to watch with a girl will scare you and land her in your lap. The Mexican film industry is known for its inventiveness and pacing,…

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Of All Time
Saturday, March 19 by George Root

The 10 best horror movie of all time use anything from gore to things jumping out at the screen to scare you. Many of the movies that are considered horror…

5 Best Independent Horror Films
Friday, March 18 by Lara Stewart

The 5 best independent horror films were made nowhere near a big Hollywood studio. Inexpensive equipment and the ease of distributing movies economically means that regional horror is more accessible…

10 Classic Horror Movie Posters
Thursday, March 17 by George Root

The top 10 classic horror movie posters were effective marketing tools used to sell some of the greatest horror movies of all time. Any classic movie fan that collects movie…

10 Famous Couples In Horror Films
Wednesday, March 16 by Aimee Plesa

These ten famous couples in horror films will go down in cinematic history as some of the most memorable couples from the big screen. These couples are the most cringe…

10 Best Spanish Horror Movies
Saturday, March 12 by Andrea Miller

Do you want to check out the 10 best Spanish horror movies? The genre has had a huge resurgence in Spain throughout the past decade. Read on for the list…

10 Worst Horror Movie Scenes
Tuesday, March 8 by sameerah blue

Be horrified on many different levels with the 10 worst horror movie scenes. The movies that made our list of the ten worst horror scenes movies are some of the…

10 Scariest Movies Of All Time
Tuesday, March 8 by George Root

In most cases, the terror in these classic films is only implied. But that insistence that the audience use its imagination is what makes these the scariest movies of all time.

10 Goriest Movies Of All Time
Tuesday, March 8 by Louis Yang

Fresh from the bloodbath, here's a list of the ten goriest movies of all time. What is it about watching a complete gore-fest that entertains people? Whatever the reason may…

Best Zombie Movies Of All Time
Tuesday, March 8 by Lizz Shepherd

The best zombie movies of all time are subjective, of course. Some zombie fans prefer humorous zombies while others prefer a lot of gore. Still, others consider the best zombie…

10 Best Scary Movies Of All Time
Tuesday, March 8 by Jacob Quinn

The 10 best scary movies of all time are actually some of the best movies ever created. Making horror films takes a lot of ability from the filmmakers. Fear is…

10 Best Bad Horror Movies
Monday, March 7 by Houlihan Macaco

What are the 10 best bad horror movies? The best bad horror movies are usually the funniest. They make you laugh because they are too stupid to take seriously. If…

10 Great Horror Movies
Saturday, March 5 by T. Cousin

If you love scary flicks, you need to watch all of the 10 great horror movies on the list that follows. The film industry worldwide has been scaring movie viewers since its…

10 Great Zombie Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Olivia Joseph

A list of 10 great zombie movies had to be thought out over long nights, scribbled notepads and pots of coffee. Actually, it was as easy as asking our in…

10 Best Old Scary Movies
Friday, March 4 by Raina Lorring

Try not to hide under the covers when watching these 10 best old scary movies. Scary movies are as old as film itself. While these old scary movies might not…

10 Best Horror Movies Based On True Stories
Thursday, March 3 by Karsun

Many of us love horror movies, but what about 10 best horror movies based on true stories? Horror movies based on true stories have that something extra to that make…

5 Best Horror Movie Action Figures
Tuesday, March 1 by Houlihan Macaco

The best horror movie action figures are based on the coolest and creepiest characters. There are lots of great horror movie characters. The following is a list of coolest and…

10 Best Horror Movies From The 80′s
Sunday, February 27 by Yvonne Glasgow

The 10 best horror movies from the 80's instill fear in the hearts of the people that watch them to this day. Sure, they do not have all of the…

10 Best 90′s Horror Movies
Sunday, February 27 by Shawna Williams

These ten best 90's horror movies have withstood the test of time. Good horror movies will always be appreciated, no matter how long it's been since they've been released. "Tremors."…

10 Best Scary Movies Based On True Stories
Friday, February 25 by Samantha Assad

The 10 best scary movies based on true stories pack a double punch—they're frightening and real. Unlike Jason and Michael Myers, these horror flicks are based on real events and…

10 Best Horror Movies Based On True Events
Friday, February 25 by George Root

Some people may be surprised at the movies that are on the 10 best horror movies based on true events list. Truth can be stranger than fiction, and in the…

10 Best Horror Asian Movies
Friday, February 11 by Mandah

The 10 best horror Asian movies will get your blood flowing and keep your lights on at night. What could be a simple sound, an animal or a regular shadow…

10 Best Horror Movie Deaths
Thursday, February 10 by Thomas West

Horror movies have a long and distinguished history in American cinema, ranging from the earliest silent films to the present, and especially notable are the 10 best horror movie deaths. …

5 Horror Movies Where Men Are Captured
Thursday, February 10 by Jacob Quinn

These 5 horror movies where men are captured defy one of the most common horror clichés. In a typical horror film, it’s almost always the female character that gets captured….