Get ready for all kids of creepy with Mexican horror films with monsters. Even though horror and monster movies aren’t a particular strong point in Mexican cinema, when Mexican writers and directors do dabble in the realm of monsters they create movies that are driven by creepy mythology, zombies, Nuns and Satanic rituals. Mexican horror movies with monsters are definitely movies that will keep you up at night.

  1. “Zombie Apocalypse” (1985) This is a Mexican horror film with monsters is perfect for feeding your appetite for zombies, blood and gore. Even though he’s laying on the slab, a suspicious professor doesn’t think that a vicious serial killer is as dead as he looks. His fears are proven to be well founded when a group of kids steal the the killers body and bring him back from the dead to kill again.

  2. “Kilometere 31” (2006) If you’re into tragic accidents and ghostly encounters then this Mexican horror film with monsters is right up your street. While driving down a dark a road a young woman accidently hits a kid with her car. As if running a kid down with her car isn’t bad enough; when shes trying to help the kid she gets run down herself and lands in a coma. This movie is filled with creepy ghosts and weird psychic powers, more than enough to keep you awake at night.

  3. “Mark of the Devil 4 Tomb of the Blind Tomb” (1971) The final installment of Amando de Ossorio’s “Mark of the Devil” series this is another Mexican horror film with monsters is another film that will feed your need for need for zombie gore along with your apperception for grindhouse. It takes creative license use of the legend of the Knights Templar,making them blood thirsty cannibals instead of noble holy men. It brings these evil knight back from the beyond and lets them walk the earth again to continue their brutal crusade.

  4. “Las Iloronas” (2004) Based on a the legend of the weeping woman, this Mexican horror films with monsters follows the ongoing saga of a deadly spirit who kills the first born son of every family that she comes in contact with. While mother after mother tries her best to save her child, no one escapes the grasp of the weeping woman.

  5. “Sister of Satan” (1978) This Mexican horror film with monsters will creep you out and reaffirm your mistrust of nuns. After her parents are killed Justine finds herself sent to convent. While shes there she starts up friendship that allows her to dabble in the occult. What starts out as fun and games at first turns ugly when the girls conjure up a beast from the blackest pits of hell.