The best Mexican horror films to watch with a girl will scare you and land her in your lap. The Mexican film industry is known for its inventiveness and pacing, and these Mexican horror flicks are no exception. Whether your girl likes blood or tension, the following films will win her over and you a few points.

  1. "El Extrano Hijo Del Sheriff" Sheriff Frederick Jackson (Eric del Castillo) has a pair of young Siamese twin sons, Erick and Fred. Disgusted by his children and fearing the devil may inhabit them due to the mutation, Jackson has the boys separated in a risky operation, resulting in Erick's death. However, Erick isn't entirely gone or at peace. The child inhabits the body of his former twin brother and goes on a violent revenge mission against those who allowed the surgery to take place. Tight suspense and the slow pacing make this creepy horror film perfect for getting close on the couch.

  2. "Kilometre 31" Twins sisters Agatha and Catalina Hameran (both played by IIiana Fox) developed a peculiar bond as children: they can communicate with each other without speech. After Agatha accidentally hits a young boy in a car accident right by the 31st kilometer signpost on a road, she runs from her car to help the child and is hit by another car herself. Plunged into a coma, Angela seems to be barely clinging to life while her sister Catalina anxiously prays for her recovery. However, Catalina, who begins to hear his sister's whispering and crying in her own mind, begins to realize something bigger and more sinister is at play in this horror film.

  3. "Vagabundo En La LIuvia" An excellent film choice for the girl who does not like blood, "Vagabundo En La LIuvia" focuses on two sexy women, Angela (Christa Linder) and Raquel (Norma Lazareno), who are stuck in Angela's house during a bad storm. The house is in the middle of the country with no neighbors around. As the night wears on, the two realize a deranged man (Rodolfo de Anda) is stalking them, circling around the house.