In this hand-picked list of horror movies, you will find some of the best titles that have surfaced on the shelves in the horror genre. There is something about horror movies that seems so enticing, but it does not take much to ruin one. These are some horror masterpieces that have been produced and are highly recommended for you to check out.

  1. It seems best to kick this horror movies list off with “The Human Centipede.” This film (directed by Tom Six) is about a mad surgeon who only has one aspiration, and that is to surgically create a human centipede. Of course, nobody would ever realistically volunteer to help out in this shocking “science experiment,” so three unsuspecting victims end up falling prey to the mad surgeon. This film undoubtedly brings dreadful visuals and a shocking storyline that will leave you stunned and horrified.

  2. Any of the “Saw” movies are sure to get you terrified and repulsed. The Saw movies ( Saw I, Saw II, Saw III, etc.) are based around people waking up in “tests” or “games” that they must work out of. Victims typically must do the unthinkable to survive, such as purposely shedding blood and inflict pain on themselves. If you are into psychological horror films, the "Saw" series is a great set to get into.

  3. Check out “Dawn of the Dead” if you want to watch a good zombie movie. Everybody loves good movies about virus pandemics and outbreaks, and for a modern movie, “Dawn of the Dead” captures this essence perfectly. Of course, there is not a deep storyline behind the movie, but it will satisfy your zombie craving pretty quickly.

  4. “Poltergeist” is a good horror flick to check out if you are bored one night. Yes, the movie is a little dated, but who said that movies out of the 1980’s can not be scary? This movie universally carries a mostly positive rating from viewers, and there is a reason why. It is your typical horror flick that starts out nice and cozy, with a family of four living happily in their home, but as time progresses, evil forces take over their home and lives. This movie will certainly “haunt” you days after you have initially watched it.