If you are looking for something to do, you can watch 10 Lesbian vampire movies. Holiday television, in particular, is known for putting old low-rated television series on the air to give their employees the day off. If readers do not have anything better to do, they can watch these vampire movies featuring lesbians.

  1. "Countess Dracula" (1971). The Countess Bathory bathed in the blood of virgins to maintain her youthful appearance. For some reason, this inspired a lot of movies about the blood sucking creatures. Countess Dracula eats her daughter in this film. What that means is best left to people who still practice Freudian psychology.

  2. "La Noche De Walprugis" (1970). This foreign film marks the first Lesbian vampire film in this list about Countess Bathory.  This one includes werewolves and an abandon castle.  A female vampire invites Elvire and her friend into her castle to stay as long as they like. 

  3. "Blood Ceremony" (1973). Guess which historical figure starred as the vampire in this movie? It's the last time she appears on this list. Ewa Aulin plays the character who ends up bathing in virgin's blood. Something about the Countess inspired horror film makers and sgtill does.

  4. "The Velvet Vampire" (1971.) A newlywed couple must take refuge in the castle of a centuries-old vampire. Both the women and her husband wind up as pray in this lesbian vampire film.

  5. "Vampyres: Daughters of Darkness" (1974). A female vampire couple who suffers from poor spelling ability kidnap men and women in the English country side. The couple" takes their pray back to their country manner where they play with their food.

  6. "Twins of Evil" (1971). The vampire in this movie is straight. It involves two twin, although why some people think the twin daughters have more than a platonic relationship is confusing. The protagonists must stop the vampire and a misguided cult.

  7. "Lesbian Vampire Killers" (2009). British villages always fall prey to curses and viruses that turn people into zombies. The women folk of a British village become the servants of the couple. Older and wiser townsfolk send two young men out to battle the forces of darkness. The

  8. "The Vampire Lovers" (1971). This is a simple and touching love story. Who the love story is about is an added bonus.

  9. "La Frisson de Vampires" (1970). If you want to avoid reading subtitles, look for Strange Things Happen at Night in your local video store Two lovers on a honey moon are forced to stop at an ancient castle for the night. Oddly, this plot seems familiar. The plot also appears in the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” 

  10. "Blood of Dracula" (1957). Who hasn't had fantasies about being seduced by a lesbian vampire school teacher when they were a student? Only about 1% of the population would not entertain any notion of the sort.