Do you remember the best gory movie scenes of the 90's? Most of us can appreciate the great scary films of that time. Part of the grisly fun of these films has got to be the imaginative scenes! Here is a compilation of some gory movie scenes of the nineties. Whether you’ve seen these films or not, check out the list and perhaps rent these gory movies.   

  1. "Braindead." This movie is also known as "Dead/Alive", and it was filmed in 1992. A mix of horror and comedy, the movie is about a young man who lives with his mother. She gets bitten by a plague-carrying rat-monkey creature, which was taken from a zoo in New Zealand. The mother dies, but returns to life as a zombie. At one point in the movie, Lionel arrives home to find his house crawling with zombies. In order to combat them, he arms himself with a lawnmower! He begins twirling it around in an effort to kill the zombies. Needless to say, the result is a bloody scene with arms, legs and heads flying everywhere.  

  2. "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers." This sixth installment in the "Halloween" series was filmed in 1995. Young mother Jamie is trying desperately to escape the underground tunnels where she has just given birth. In her arms is her newborn. Michael Myers is on her trail, and Nurse Mary helps by showing Jamie the way out of the ominous underground tunnels. Jamie momentarily escapes, but before Mary can save herself, Michael Myers corners her. He grabs her by the neck and rams her head into a large, steel spike protruding from the cave wall. There, he leaves her hanging, with the steel sticking out from her forehead. Yikes!

  3. "Species." Rounding out this list of gory movie scenes of the nineties is "Species". The movie tells the story of a beautiful alien-human female hybrid named Sil. All she wants is to reproduce with a human male. A scene in this 1995 film finds her with a guy who turns out to be a “would-be date rapist.” Needless to say, Sil has no interest in such a human specimen as him. She grants him a kiss, but then she forces her tongue through the back of his skull, effectively spurning his amorous advances.   

The nineties was quite an era for gory horror films. If you are a true horror movie fan, you’ve undoubtedly got a list of your own gory movie scenes of the nineties. Have fun watching these picks, and some of your own!