Thinking about watching movies and like to know some good scary movies to watch with your girlfriend? Since some of you are under eighteen, this list contains PG-13 scary movies as well as some rated R scary movies. If you are under eighteen and are thinking about watching one of the R-rated scary movies, be sure to talk to your parents before renting or buying a rated R movie.

  1. "The Sixth Sense" The first movie on our list of good scary movies to watch with your girlfriend is "The Sixth Sense." While the movie is slow at parts, it does get suspenseful towards the end. If you have not seen the movie, the ending will surprise you. "The Sixth Sense" is about a child psychologist trying to help a kid who is seeing dead people.

  2. "Shutter Island" This movie offers a whole new take on horror films. It’s a mystery/horror film that will keep you on the edge of your site till the end. In order to understand some of the parts, you might have to re-watch the movie. "Shutter Island" is about two cops trying to find a missing person.

  3. "Saw" While the "Saw" series is known to be mostly gore and not exactly a horror film, the first "Saw" film is suspenseful and has a good story. However, there is gore and it can upset some people's stomachs, so prepare if this horror film is what you are thinking about watching with your girlfriend. "Saw" is about two kidnapped people trying to find out how they were kidnapped and how to escape.

  4. "The Grudge" The fourth scary movie on our list of good scary movies to watch with your girlfriend is "The Grudge." The "Grudge" is rated PG-13 and is one of the few scary movies that will actually scare you. It also has a good plot and is a pretty easy movie to pay attention to. There are two sequels; however, neither of them live up to the first one. "The Grudge" is about a caretaker who keeps getting attacked while she is taking care of an old lady.

  5. "Friday the 13th" The final good scary movie to watch with your girlfriend is "Friday the 13th." There are two versions: The one that came out in the '80s and the one that came out in 2009. Both are great horror films to watch with your girlfriend. However, the 2009 version has a lot of sex scenes in the beginning. Unless your girlfriend is comfortable with that, skip a couple of scenes. You will not miss a lot of information and your girlfriend will not think you only wanted to watch that movie for the sex scenes. "Friday the 13th" is about camper fighting for their lives against a serial killer.