These funny scary movies for guys are mostly low budget films with a lot of accidental humor and plenty of sexy ladies. There are also a few horror/comedies mixed in, and some movies that mix unintentional laughs with intentional ones. Horror and comedy sometimes work well together because the two elements provide an extreme contrast, and horror films usually rely on sex appeal as a key selling point.

  1. “Bordello of Blood” This funny scary movie is actually an intentional comedy. It’s about a bordello that’s secretly a front for a coven of vampires.

  2. “Zombie Lake” This is an interesting movie about zombie soldiers that crawl up out of a lake. It also has tons of nudity, and a strange scene where a zombie makes love to a woman. Overall, the movie is mostly hilarious, although it’s also occasionally disturbing.

  3. “Return of the Living Dead” This horror comedy has a sexy red haired zombie that’s sure to make guys happy. Luckily, it also delivers plenty of laughs, and it’s especially fast paced, so there’s never a boring moment.

  4. “Innocent Blood” This funny scary movie comes from the director who made “American Werewolf in London”. It’s cleverly made and has a beautiful French vampire as the main character.  

  5. “Frankenhooker" The name alone should tell you everything you need to know about this funny scary movie. It’s a pure parody about a hooker who was created by combining the parts of many different women.

  6. “Cabin Fever” Very few funny scary movies are as hard to categorize as this one. It’s about a group of young people spend their vacation at a cabin in the woods. Eventually, they meet a man infected with a disease, and things start to get out of control.

  7. “Leprechaun” This film about an evil leprechaun is a classic funny scary movie. It has a special appeal for guys because of an early appearance by the lovely Jennifer Aniston.

  8. “Scream” This funny scary movie about a murderer terrorizin high school students was a box office success. It helped make hotties like Neve Campbell into big stars, at least for a while.

  9. “Piranha” The remake of “Piranha” is one of the most over the top horror movies ever created. It also a "guy movie" in every way, from the over the top violence to the background story involving the filming of a porn movie.

  10. “Slumber Party Massacre II” This funny scary movie is really a riot. It’s about some attractive women in a rock band who spend a weekend hanging out in a condo. Dreams start becoming reality in a conclusion that’s both terrifying and hilarious.